I’m Engaged… Now What?!

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Hello Everyone! We are finally getting back in the swing of things after our busy holidays. One of the great things about the holiday season, is all the newly engaged couples. This is such an exciting time! (We know… just a little over a year ago we were in your shoes!!!!)

Like most women, you have dreamed of this day for many years and you may have already started planning your wedding before you were even engaged. Most likely, there is already a Pinterest board with your ideas on it (and if you’re like Nicole, it’s private to avoid questions).

Now that the excitement of telling everyone is starting to die down and the reality that you actually have to plan this HUGE event is kicking in, there may be slight panic starting to form.

Where to start?!

After planning our own wedding, here are a few things we discovered must be decided on and booked before we could truly move forward with our planning.

  1. Date
  2. Ceremony Venue
  3. Reception Venue

Sounds super simple… because it is. Every vendor (outside of these) will ask the same couple of initial questions… When is our wedding date? Where are you getting married at? Where will the reception be?

Now, here is a little bit of the tricky part. You must decide what is the most important. Is your date a MUST have or is it the reception venue? In a perfect world, all 3 will be available and you’ll get the date you want at both the ceremony and reception venue you want. In some cases, it will and that’s AMAZING. In the real world, it’s not so simple. The reception venue may not have your date available and then you must determine your priority. The date or the venue?!

For us, our date was flexible. We had a certain style venue we wanted. When our venue told us that they only had 1 date left in the month we wanted to get married, that date became our wedding reception date.

Wedding planning can be stressful… but remember to take it slow and make one decision at a time.
Have a fantastic week!

Nicole and Ryan

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