Amy + Winston


Hello and welcome back! We took about a month “break” from our photography business to focus on us… you know… getting married! Now that we are back in the swing of things, we had our first session as husband and wife. Guess what… nothing much changed, one of us (cough cough Nicole) was in charge and ran the session and the other was just being a sarcastic jerk. Just kidding… we just did our thing and yes, the above statements are slightly true. At the end of the day, we just have a fun relaxing time.

Enough about us and more about our sweet couple… Amy and Winston. Amy contacted us just days after our last wedding with Kelly and Johnny. Johnny, Amy, and Winston all worked together and with Johnny’s encouragement, Amy and Winston started hanging out… fast forward a few years later and now this awesome couple are just a few short months away from starting the next chapter of their life together as husband and wife.

Our session started out as a family session. With 3 boys, they definitely have their hands full. The boys are sweet, except when Parker would mean mug Nicole. All joking aside, just look at this cute family!

We had to visit the ducks…

The second part of our session was focused on Amy and Winston. They were easy going and flexible! What more can photographers ask for. They absolutely rocked their session!

As we were headed to the next spot, we all noticed how gorgeous the sky was with the super moon! Of course, we took a few moments to enjoy it and of course capture a few quick photos.

The last location, we had said many times that we wanted to shoot here and guess what we got what we wanted. Amy and Winston were once again awesome as they worked with us as we did the last part of their session in the dark.

We had an amazing time with Amy, Winston, and their 3 boys! We cannot wait till their wedding!

Have an awesome day,

Nicole and Ryan

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