Rebecca + Steve | West Side of Cincinnati Summer Wedding


“People who are meant to be always find a way” (anonymous). There are times when we meet someone who makes a huge impression on our hearts and souls. Yet, the universes timing is just not right. Then the universe does it’s magic, reuniting two souls back together.

Rebecca and Steve were wedding at a location near and dear to us, the Miami Township Community Center. This is the space we held our own wedding reception, however, these two choose to host their entire wedding day there. They saw the beauty we saw in this west side of Cincinnati hidden gem. The big windows. The natural but bright space. The stone walls with luscious greenery.

Rebecca and Steve live in different states and have done so their entire adult lives. They knew each other in high school, but Steve choose to move to North Carolina to pursue a career as a firefighter whereas Rebecca became a teacher while living in Ohio.

Over 11 years ago, they reconnected through social media. Then, while in the midst of a world wide pandemic, they started talking in May of 2020 and have not stopped since. Rebecca and Steve’s love story is not for everyone. Both have worked hard and are highly invested in their careers. Unlike most newly weds, these two will maintain a long distance relationship for at least for a couple more years.

This past October, Steven came to flew to Ohio to visit is love. Rebecca kept it a secret for the children to allow his visit to be a surprise for them. But once everyone was together, the surprise was on her when he popped the question.

After long months on planning, working at their careers, raising their children, and working at their long distance relationship, Rebecca and Steve became husband and wife on a mildly warm June afternoon. The focus of their day was to celebrate their unity (finally or so that’s the vibe we received from their close family and friends) but also celebrating the blending of two families.

Rebecca and Steve choose to incorporate their children in as many parts of the day as possible. Their children stood by their sides as their bridal party but more importantly, they stood at the front of the alter to support the love and marriage of their parents.

As a special moment during their ceremony, each member of the family had their own color of sand to pour into a container. The sand though poured into the container separately, will mix and become on unit. Just as these two families will become one.

During their wedding, Rebecca and Steve spent time mingling with their guest of all ages. With plenty of laughter and joy, these two made the night one to remember for their guests.

Rebecca and Steve, thank you for giving us to get a small glimpse into your family and world by allowing us to capture your wedding day. As two sarcastic photographers, we always enjoy working with a couple who can hold their own in the wonderful world of sarcasm. We enjoyed the fun off beat and quirky moments, such as your short stay in the walk-in cooler with drinks. We wish you two nothing but a lifetime of happiness and the strength to get through the next few years till you can be together full time.

Welcome to the married kids club,

Nicole & Ryan

Special Thank You to all the vendors who helped make their day amazing!

Venue | Miami Township Community Event Center

Florist | Lutz Flowers

Cake | Maribelle Cakery

Hair Stylist | Brigid Dirr of J. McQueen Salon

Wedding Dress Store | Reading Bridal Outlet

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Catering | Bridgetown Finer Meats

DJ | Mark Smith

Nicole and Ryan of Off the Film Photography specialize in the fun couple who love to have an amazing time while showing their nerdy/quirky side. Wanna chat about your wedding day, send us a quick message: CONTACT NICOLE + RYAN

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