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As summer is winding down, there is nothing like celebrating a love story.  The sun was out shining brightly with moderate temperatures kept at bay with a slight breeze.   It was a beautiful day to watch two very in love souls take the next step in their relationship to become husband and wife here is Verona Kentucky at The Prickel Barn.

Liz and Joe’s love story began during their freshman year while attending Northern Kentucky University.  As we learned during toast, Liz refused to drop an English class she did not need due to a cute boy.  Fast forward a few years short of a decade, they met at the alter in front of family and friends.

Just as many weddings in 2020, their celebration was not exactly how they had planned.  Due to Covid-19, plenty of their family were unable to attend.  However, they were not short of support from those who love them!

Liz choose to do things a little different than normal while getting in her dress and we LOVED it so much!  She wanted to include her mother and soon to be mother in law in the room while she put on her dress… but decided to ask her bridesmaids to leave.  She wanted to do a bridesmaids reveal!  Um… yes!!!!  This was a perfect time for her to spend a little one-on-one-on-one time with the moms. 

But… there was one lady who snuck her way in… the flower girl, Ryan.  She was absolutely adorable in her reaction to seeing Liz in her dress.  Ryan was just in awe of how STUNNING Liz looked all gussied up!  A smile from ear to ear was all over her face!

Liz had given both her mother and about to be mother in law matching bracelets to the one she would be wearing on her wedding day!

and now for the bridesmaids reveal….

Before Liz and Joe saw each other for the first time, they exchanged love letters.  Liz had written her sweet words in a card.  As Joe read the letter, he was a little confused by the short but sweet words of his future bride.  A little confused at first, Joe had an aha moment when he realized there was more to his letter, inside the card and not just on the back.  After reading the entire letter, those last few lines made perfect sense.

Liz’s experience was very different!  She was surprised by how long her letter from Joe was, as he had told her before it wouldn’t be long. The letter she read was provoked every emotion a woman wants on her wedding day, from tears of joy to her boisterous laugh.  She was so taken by the words he expressed confirm for her she was making the right choice as she expressed to Nicole.

On the way to meet Joe for the first time on their wedding day, Liz’s brother was hanging out in the ceremony space.  Both dress in their fancy clothes, these two had an impromptu First Look with each other. 

Now… one of our absolute favorite parts of a wedding day is always the First Look.  This is the moment when a groom can truly and freely express his emotions.  Joe did not cry, which is totally fine, but the smile that graced his lips and the admiration in his eyes said it all!  He was blown away by how stunning Liz looked! 

To honor Liz’s father, she had a bear made out of one of his shirts. Her mother walked the bear down the aisle and sat him in his front row seat for the ceremony.

Liz’s father has passed away, but her brother James choose to fill the important role of walking her down the aisle.  Though he did not replace her father, he was full of just as much pride as any father walking his daughter down the aisle.  Brothers have an unspoken love for their sister and James showed that love on this important day for his sister.

Excited to have the nerve-racking part of the day over (aka the ceremony), Liz and Joe were ready to get this party started!!!!  As Liz is a co-owner of Tap Truck Kentucky, it was only fitting their first task together as a married couple was to pour their own beers! 

Before they kicked off the party, Liz and Joe had a few special touches up their hats. Getting married on the day of the Kentucky Derby it was only fitting to lead a sing along of “My Old Kentucky Home” right before heading over to a viewing area to watch the race.

As the sun was setting, we had to pull these two out for just a few more photos in the gorgeous light of golden hour!

Liz shared a dance with her mother…

Only for her brother to join in half way through to help open the dance floor… which included a gents only and gals only dances oppose to a garter/bouquet toss.

Liz and Joe, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your beautiful end of summer wedding.  The venue, the dress, the weather, and your love for one another was perfect!  We wish you two nothing but many years of happiness with each other.  Enjoy this new phase of your relationship and the post wedding down time! (Sorry we forgot to get a photo together!!!!)

Welcome to the Married Kids Club!

Nicole & Ryan


Ceremony& Reception Venue | The Prickel Barn

DJ | DJ Tony Pompilio

Cake Artist | Buttercup Cake House

Wedding Dress Store | White Wisteria Bridal Boutique

Wedding Dress Designer | Stella York

Make Up Artist | REFeyeANCE Makeup & Hair

Hair Stylist | REFeyeANCE Makeup & Hair

Bridesmaids Dresses | Azazie

Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Warehouse

Florals | Blossom Basket

Beer Truck | Tap Truck Kentucky

Invitation | Shutterfly

  1. I haven’t cried this much in years! So many sweet details! I thought having the Mother’s dress the bride was a great idea! (Tears) I was so happy to see Jimmy walking Liz down the aisle! (Tears) The teddy bear in the pew was priceless! (Tears! Maybe it is better I could not come due to Covid! I would have been a basket case!!! Congratulations to the newlyweds! Enjoy your beautiful pictures forever!

    • Nicole says:

      You would not have been the only one to have had tears during their day! We saw many loved ones shed a few happy tears (bride included)! Sorry you missed their day but glad you were able to see the highlights from there day!

  2. Susan Pasquale says:

    So sorry to have missed such a wonderful event. The pictures are beautiful and the whole event looks like it went off without a hitch- great planning ! Grandma Joan and I can’t wait to visit when covid is behind us .
    Love, Aunt Susan and Grandma Joan

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words and we’re sorry to have missed you two at their wedding. The day went off without any major events and the couple seemed to enjoy themselves!!!

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