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Slowly the crisp air is moving in and the hints of changing trees are right around the corner. These are the early signs of our favorite season of the year, FALL! Leaving the hot, muggy temperatures here in Cincinnati, Ohio is never a sad moment. Especially when we get to welcome the perfect weather for hoodies and bonfires.

Cincinnati has no shortage of beautiful scenery during the fall and it’s totally understandable why wonderful couples are choosing to get married during the months of September, October, and November.

As you’re starting to plan your wedding and trying to decide which season is the best for you, here are the some pros and cons of having a fall wedding here in the Cincinnati tri-state area!

If you’re convinced a fall wedding is perfect for your special day, we’re here to help by putting together our top tips to make the day go smoothly!

  • Backup Plan: This is very important if you’re planning an outdoor event as the weather can be a bit all over the place. As you’re planning the day, especially when choosing your venue, be sure there is enough space to move the event inside if needed. The last thing you want to worry on your wedding day is backup plan at the very last minute.
  • Sunset Time: During the fall, the sunset time is always changing. One weekend the sun may set at 8:45pm and the next is 8:00pm. Before you schedule your ceremony time, you will want to ensure it’s not too dark or late (especially if it’s an outdoor wedding). As always, we encourage you to building in a little buffer time. Things may happen and you may end up running a little behind… the last think you will want is to get married in the dark.
  • Choose Your Date Wisely: Fall time is full of a variety of busy days… school dances, to football games, and, of course we can’t forget the variety of holidays. We recommend checking the major events happened near your venue that may affect availability, traffic, and overall possibility of guest attending. Who wants to be stuck in an extra hour of traffic due to a concert at Riverbend. Not to mention, if there is a major event happening, it may hinder your guest ability to be able to attend. Now, we’re not saying you should pick you date to appease guest, but if there are certain people who you truly would want to attend, you may want to keep in mind anything that could cause those people from attending.
  • Use Your Location: One of the best parts about fall is all the beautiful foliage and scenery. A cost-effective choice can be choosing a venue that has beautiful surroundings for either the ceremony or reception. Instead of spending extra to decorate, use the view you have! There is something to be said about simplicity. Play up the beautiful space you’ve picked out for the venue!
  • Keep Your Guest Warm: Often the temperature on a fall day can dramatically changed from day to night. To help keep your guest warm and keep your wedding style intact, you can add elements that are multi functional. Think of ideas such as blankets or, if the venue allows, a fire pit. Some venues even have outdoor fireplaces and it wouldn’t take much to set up a hot cocoa/coffee self service area. Warm drinks definitely scream fall! Adding large heat lamps can allow your guest to have a spot to hang out when outside and can blend in nicely.

Fall weddings here in Cincinnati can be stunning! Plus, the cooler weather is always a plus when you have to wear tons of layers (hello wedding dress and under garments!) This season may involve just a little bit more research when choosing your date and time, but in the end, the extra work will be worth the beautiful wedding day!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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