As we’re sharing this newest blog of our home adventures here in Erlanger Kentucky, it’s hard to believe we’ve been here for 6 months already!!!!  Honestly, we can’t believe how fast time has flown.

This past month has had a few successful things happening around the house!   Piece by piece we are making this house into our home.   We still have a lot of thing we want to do and not to mention the additional things we want to buy to customize things in the house!

However, we’re proud to say, this month we did not have a visit from a repair man!  This is a huge win in our books.   It’s the small things in life.

Now, onto a few things that did happen this past month!

  • Once again, we had to call Erlanger Police Department to come to our house as some random guy decided to come into our backyard and scoop out what he wanted to steal from our yard.  We think he snuck in though the hole in our backyard fence.  This all happened while Nicole was at home working and she didn’t see anyone walk by the window!  Ryan went to the hardware store to get a cable and lock. 
  • After calling the furniture store to check on the status of our additional furniture ordered, we learned our TV stand was in the warehouse, just chillin’.  So, we had it delivered!  Now, we have a TV stand in our living room and can actually watch TV in our living room. 
  • To get out of the house, we visited a home improvement show and decided to have a water cooler delivered to our house.   Our goal is to drink more water, so having cold water readily available was solution. So far, Nicole and Caleb have taken advantage of it.
  • Erlanger City has decided to redo all the city sidewalks and skirts (if necessary).   So, we didn’t have access to our driveway for almost a week.  Yes, it was annoying and inconvenience, but at least we were the first ones on our street. 
  • Since we had ordered a new couch for our living room, we said goodbye to the original Team Red Couch.  We passed it to another couple in need as it was given to us when we needed a couch ourselves.  However, Nicole kept the last throw pillow for Ryan to keep for memory sake.
  • With school starting and COVID-19 still a thing, Caleb is doing virtual learning and he’s coming to our house daily since Nicole is still working from home majority of the time.  He is normally dropped off around 5:30am most mornings and we’re thankfully we have a keyless entry. 
  • Saying goodbye to the red couch meant we no longer had a spot to sit in the living room… that was until we got a LONG AWAITED message that our new living room couch was ready for to be delivered!  Within a couple of days, our new couch was sitting in our living room.  The cats are definitely enjoying the new lounge spot! Remi even claimed a spot before we were able to unwrap it.
  • With having a virtual learning student, that means we’re doing the schoolwork at home.  The first major project was a volcano.  Caleb built it at his mom’s, but we erupted it in our side yard to record on his video.  We had to do it 3 times due to technical difficulties! 

Th 6 month in our home was exciting because we finally have all the main furniture for our living room.  This allows us to start moving forward with getting our upstairs decorated.  It’s hard to know how to decorate or where things will be without the main pieces. 

Hope you enjoyed this update! Fingers crossed next month will include some décor on the walls. 

Nicole & Ryan

P.S… we couldn’t resist sharing some fur babies again this month! Pecko loves the red couch downstairs.

Pixie in her cottage!

and last, but not least, baby Remi sleeping on a fuzzy pillow!

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