Kenia’s Bridal Shower


What is the best way to commemorate your 1 year engagement anniversary? Celebrate your upcoming wedding by hanging out with all important ladies in your life at your bridal shower. That is exactly what Kenia did on Sunday.The bridal shower was hosted at The Turn Vintage Warehouse in Newport Kentucky. The space was filled with antique furniture, fresh flowers, beautiful decorations, and amazing food. Each place setting was accented with delicious cake bites on their own cake stand.

Each guest was gifted a small frame with their engagement photo!

Lola, Kenia’s mother, is from Peru and brought heritage to the shower. Each guest use a custom pen from Peru to play a few shower games. In addition to the pen, Lola brought a variety of local treats from her home country to add to the extravagant dessert tables.

Kenia met her future husband, Bret, about 2 years ago at a Halloween party. After dating for a year, he surprised her with a romantic proposal. One evening, the couple decided to have dinner down at the Banks in Cincinnati. Prior to going into the restaurant to eat, Bret asked her to take a walk. He told her his friend and her children were around and he wanted to say hi.

As they were walking along, he pointed out a package on a park bench. Bret prompted Kenia to check out the package, who as a little skeptical because it could have been a bomb. He asked her to see who the package was for. Still a bit skeptical, she leaned over and saw his name on it. When she turned around to question him, she found Bret on one knee!

With Kenia completely shocked by the proposal, they headed to dinner. When they walked into the restaurant, the true surprise was waiting. Bret had arranged their families to join them for dinner to celebrate this moment in their lives. He had arranged for Kenia’s mother to fly in from Peru and her brother to come down from Washington DC. His parents were also waiting to welcome Kenia to the family. This is when the tears started to flow!

Kenia and Bret are headed to Punta Cana in March to become husband and wife! I am excited to have shared this small part of their wedding celebrations with them! She is going to make a stunning bride!

Kenia and Bret, we wish you the best of luck in your marriage and future. Your family and friends were amazing women who were sweet, kind, and loving. They are the perfect support for your long life together!

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