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Guess what we did… knocked another thing off of our bucket list for the year!   It’s super exciting to be able to say it out loud.  This past week, we hosted our first ever full blow photo shoot at The Turn Vintage Warehouse!During the off season, like a lot of other photographers, we want to continue to build our portfolio and develop our skills. So, we normally participate in photo shoots called Style Shoots.  In brief, a styled shoot is simply a mock wedding hosted by a planner or photographer.  The shoot normally has a theme or style and it’s a collaborative project for all involved.

In the past we’ve paid to participate in these types of shoots but decided maybe we would try our hand in actually planning one.  We’ve planned a wedding, so it shouldn’t be THAT hard, right?!  The opportunity was perfect when Nicole was talking with the owner of the venue, Curt, about doing photos at the Turn.  So began our venture of creating a Spring Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot.

So, here we were, a beautiful venue at our disposal and a general idea of what we wanted.   Now, time to get everything together.  Early on in the process, we learned very quickly was that planning a photo shoot was almost as stressful and involved as planning a wedding.

However, after all the late nights and countless hours spent searching online, we were beyond ecstatic on the way the shoot turned out!  Along the way, we ran into a few snafus but when it was all said and done, the event turned out beyond anything we have even envisioned.

We appreciate all the vendors who decided to join our collaboration and know at the end of the day, their contributions made help make the shoot what it was.  We want to give a special thanks to Nicole’s mom, Debbie, who stepped in at the last moment to help with the actual design.  And by last minute, we mean she had like a day to get her creative juices flowing.  Nicole contacted her Saturday morning asking to help make a bouquet on Sunday.  While making the bouquet, Nicole explained the designer she was working with was sick and unable to help… so she was just going to “wing it” with what she had available.  After hearing this, Debbie agreed to come on Tuesday and help with the design.


Now comes the fun part… a few things we learned from hosting a photo shoot!

We never want to steam a bridal dress again… let alone 2!

Having an ear infection makes for a long day when taking photos.  (Poor Ryan)

Working with other photographers and seeing their perspective of things helps keep us creative.

Ensure we clearly explain our vision and double check everyone is on the same page.

Things happen and you have to be able to adapt quickly! (Just like a real wedding)

Buying a white dress off the Wish app is great for a boudoir session (hello see-through)!


Even though the shoot was a ton of work and involved some late night, we’re ready to start planning our next one!  Here are just a couple of our faves!  (There are not TONS of small details… mainly because we haven’t photographed them yet… no judgement please!!!)

Have a Great Day,

Nicole & Ryan

Thanks to all the amazing vendors who collaborated with us!

Planner / Nicole Hupp

Designer / Debbie Jones

Cake Artists / Makers Bakers Co.

Venue & Furniture / The Turn Vintage Warehouse

Hair Artist and Model / Maddie Critcher

MUA / Roxy McGhee Brow Artistry

Dress / Azazie

Hair Piece / Épanoui Grace Hair Accessories

Personalized Decor and Invitations / PaperBlooms N More

Floral Archway / The Event Rental Gallery

Photographers / Off the Film Photography, Brendan Burkett, & Stephanie Long

Floral /Michaels Store



  1. Mandy says:

    What a great styled shoot!! Love that Arch!! Great job.

  2. Alisha says:

    Great job on putting everything together! As photographers we definitely have a fun vision for details, and we love when it all comes together!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Love it! So many great details!!

  4. Amber says:

    Congratulations on putting everything together! It turned out beautifully 🙂

  5. Alissa Moore says:

    Gorgeous! I love all of the antique furniture & greenery 😍

    • nhupp says:

      The venue had sooooo many amazing pieces to choose from. Various time we said “oh I didn’t see this couch… Why didn’t we is it!”

  6. Great job! I love a good styled shoot. 🙂

    • nhupp says:

      Thanks so much! We do as well but figured try planning one. Ryan is already talking about the next one lol

  7. Kailey Bell says:

    This is beautiful! I love your style of photography!

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