Jill + Jake


Some things in life are worth the wait… and Love is one of them!  Finding the perfect match doesn’t always happen in your early 20’s.  This is exactly what happened for Jill and Jake.  

These two are going to become husband and wife in just a few short months.  During our crazy busy time in the fall, we met up with Jill and Jake to capture their engagement photos.  She had just a simple request… fall tree colors.  What better place to find a fall tree than a nature park, such as the Florence Nature Park!

Our original date was cancelled due to bad weather and our available dates were filling up quickly.  So, Nicole was able to squeeze them in during the week, with oh you know, with only a 2 days notice.  However, the trees were PERFECT  and full of colors!  (Plus, the weather was a dreamy fall day)!

During the session, Jake constantly looked at his future bride with such adoring eyes. He was a little bit on the quieter side, but that did not stop his love from showing through.  When Nicole would ask him to snuggle in or get closer, he would just gently lay his head on her.  It was just the sweetest thing in the world!

While discussing the details of their session, Jill mentioned her love for antique items.  Of all her antique items, she had only requested to include one item in her engagement session, her typewriter.  This wasn’t just any “old” typewriter.   It was the first gift she had received from Jake!  We couldn’t handle how cute and sentimental these two are!

Jill and Jake, we can’t wait for your wedding in May!  The day is going to be filled with some much love.  We adore how you two complement each other.  Thanks so much for your flexibility on scheduling your session (PS… we went back to the park a week later sand all the leaves were gone from the trees)!

Have a Great Day!

Nicole & Ryan

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