10th Birthday Portrait Session of Lexi


Hello! Today we are excited to share with you Miss Lexi’s Birthday Session! Nicole has been taking this sweet “not so” little girls photos her entire life! If you would like to see how much she’s changed in just 1 short year be sure to check out her session from last year! Each year we like to do a different location and “theme” for her photos. This year we decided to do dusk photos overlooking Cincinnati! So off to Devou Park at the Drees Pavilion in Covington, Kentucky we headed. (Yes to get photos of Cincinnati, we head to another state!) Of course, the temperature dropped so there were tons of warm up breaks… ugh we missed beautiful weather by a couple of days in either direction!Lexi finally hit the double digits this year… she is officially 10 YEARS OLD!!!!! Where has time gone! She is currently in the 4th grade and is enjoying it. Lexi is very smart and is consistently making the honor roll! Yay!

Not only does she love school, but she loves to read… One of her a favorite story series right now is Harry Potter… For her birthday, she got all the movies but she must read the book before she can watch the movie.

One of our favorite things about this girl is the fact that she ALWAYS wants to get a photo with her little brother! We hope she loves him this much in a few years when she becomes a teenager!

This girl and her silly faces! (We think this is her I’m freezing face).

In addition to smarts, this girl also loves her sports. Lexi keeps super busy with soccer and basketball. She’s been playing soccer since she was a toddler and she still loves it. Lexi does

extra training to improve her goalie skills each week after her normal practice. This year she took after her dad and started playing basketball for her school. We are excited to see how she continues to improve her skills in both sports.

And this was the last shot of the session… Lexi’s official “I’M FINISHED WITH THIS COLD” look!

Happy Birthday Lexi! Enjoy your first year in double digits. We are excited to see how much you grow this year! You are a very smart and beautiful girl inside and out!

Have an amazing week everyone!

Nicole and Ryan

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