Abby + Ross | Hueston Woods Intimate Spring Wedding


Timing is everything and sometimes life takes a while to circle back around to the one you were meant to be with. That is exactly what happened with Abby and Ross! These two are childhood friends who were separated by life but found one another again as adults… and now they’ll be growing old together!

Abby and Ross sharing a kiss in front of a floral arch in a wooded opening at Hueston Woods for their spring wedding.

Abby and Ross planned an intimate wedding with just their closest family and friends at Hueston Woods State Park. The spot was a perfect homage to Abby’s childhood. So many memories with her family were born at this park as she would spend time there growing up. Ideally, as Abby was marrying one of her childhood best friends, it was the perfect space to the start the next chapter of her life.

Wedding detail photos of the 3 rings with a blue stoned engagement ring.
Bridal bouquet detail photos with white, blue, pink and purple flowers.
Detailed photos of the 3 wedding rings in the bridal bouquet.
Outdoor wedding ceremony space with white chairs and floral archway in an open field in front of wooded area at Hueston Woods.
Ross and his brother standing at the front of the aisle on his wedding day watching Abby walk down towards him with a smile on his face in the bright sun.
Black and white close up photos of Abby, the bride, walking down the aisle with her father both smiling.
Over the Abby's should photo from behind the bride focused on the grooms big smile as she walks down the aisle.

Wanting to keep the day about them, they opted to keep the ceremony small and have the third person of the childhood trio to officially marry them. Jordy was beyond honor to have been asked with a huge honor of some of the most important people in his childhood.

Abby, the bride, sharing her vowels at the alter with Ross, the groom, while the ordain minister and the groom smile at her at the alter.
Black and white photo of the groom, Ross, reading his vowels to his bride, Abby at the alter.
Collage of a black and white portrait of Abby, the bride, smiling  while holding her vowels and a color photo of the full length of the couple with their minister as Abby is putting Ross' wedding band on his hand.
Close up portrait of Abby, Ross, and the minister at the alter while Ross is putting Abby's wedding ring on her finger.

Of course, they had to have their best fur kid around for the ceremony! He was happy to be around mom and dad, while enjoying the sun!

A photo of a brown pit bull with a green bowtie on.
Distant photo of Abby and Ross sharing their first kiss at the alter at Hueston Woods while their guest are clapping.

Funny moment…. while throwing bird seed seems like an amazing idea at the time, the bride may or may not have made a comment about some landing in her mouth!

Abby smiling at Ross recessional as their guest shower them with bird seed.

One of my (Nicole’s) favorite parts of a wedding day, is the time I get to spend with the couple for their portraits. But seeing how much Ross was in awe of Abby all dolled up in her wedding dress made things even better. The entire time, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her! Overly in love couples makes wedding days extra special.

Abby and Ross crouching down beside their pit pull wearing a green bow tie color.
Collage of full length photo of bride in groom holding hands at the alter and a close up of them hugging each other while giving eskimo kisses.
Close up black and white photo of couple holding hands and walking down the aisle smiling at each other while the groom is holding the bride's bouquet
Collage of wedding day bridal portraits of the bride and groom walking away towards their floral arch and a close up portrait of the groom smiling while holding onto tux
Bride and groom wedding day portrait at the alter with the bride's arm over the groom should and they're smiling at each other
Collage of bride and groom wedding day portraits of a bride looking over the grooms shoulder while holding hands and the groom is picking up the bride in front of floral arch at the alter
Close up of the acks of bride and groom with their arms around each other in front of their floral arch
Collage of wedding day bridal portraits focused on the bouquet and the back of the bride's dress as she looks down with a smirk
Bride and groom wedding day portraits in a tall grass field.  The groom is holding on to tux while the bride has her hand in her wedding dress pocket
Collage of bride and groom wedding day portraits in a tall grass field

If anyone has ever worked with Nicole… she always says “One more and then I’m done” but in reality, there is always more! This is an example of when she said they were done, but couldn’t help herself and asked them to share a sweet kiss… and the Nailed It!!!!

Bride and Groom sharing a kiss in front of a large tree  with their backs to the photographer

Special thank you to the groom’s dad from snapping a photo of us together!

Couple with photos with the photographer in front of the tree line at Hueston Woods Park in the Spring

Abby and Ross, thank you for trusting me to capture your beautiful wedding ceremony! You could not have asked for a better day with better people. I felt very welcomed by all of your family and enjoyed getting to spend some time with you two! My wish is you have a very happy marriage filled with laughter and good times!

Welcome to the married kids club,


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