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A couple smiling at each other while a professional photographer takes their picture.

Working with a professional photographer is a new thing for most people, and we know that some of our common practices might seem weird but there’s always a purpose behind why we do things the way we do. One of the things a lot of people wonder is this: why don’t I get all of the photos from my professional photographer?

Worry not, we will teach you the ways of the photographer!

Plenty of Dupes

To be honest, we take a lot, and we mean a LOT of pictures when we’re working. And a lot of those pictures end up being duplicates. We purposely take duplicates to make sure that everyone in the photo has their eyes open and nobody is caught blinking. It takes a lot of shots (especially with bigger groups) to make sure that we hit a single photo with everyone’s eyes open. We work to make sure that no one blinks or makes funny faces in the pictures. Unless it’s supposed to be silly of course! Lots of our time goes into going through your pictures and getting rid of the repeated ones. That way, when you look through them, all you see are the awesome ones!

The Best of the Best

We curate the photos to give you only the best of the best while tellin’ the story of the day. We want you to look back on those pictures fondly, not remembering when the wind blew your hair in your face or when someone lost their balance while posing!

That brings us to another point: some of the photos we take should never see the light of day… Trust us when we say, some of them are SUPER unflattering and just plain o’le horrible! We sometimes catch it when someone sneezes, or coughs, or other such nasty things. We doubt you want those photos hanging on your wall at home!

On top of that, there will inevitably be a photo or two of the ground or ceiling, do you really want those? Trick question, we doubt you do.

Save You From Overwhelm

It would become super overwhelming to go through literally THOUSANDS of photos to find the best ones. And it would make you miss out on being able to enjoy the actual awesome ones! That’s why we get rid of the ones that aren’t necessary. So that you don’t miss out on enjoying the pictures that are actually amazing!

So there you go, just a few reasons that a professional photographer only gives you some of the photos. I hope this helped! If you need a pro to capture some of your memories, hit us up!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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