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So you’ve picked your date and you’re ready for your spring wedding and the photography that comes along with it! Before jumping forward, let’s take a look at what that means. Below, I’ve got my top four tips for helping your spring wedding go smoothly! 

Know when the sun sets for perfect spring wedding photography 

First, let’s talk about the sun! All photographers know about Golden Hour. It’s the hour before sunset on any given day. Why is it important? Well, it’s the most perfect hour for the most perfect lighting conditions for pictures! I often tell my clients that they should know when sunset is, and pick the most important part of their ceremony during Golden Hour. This way, when you look back through the images through the years, the pictures that were the most important are the clearest and most beautiful! Finding the Golden Hour for your wedding is simple! Just type in “Sunset on [your wedding date]” into Google and you’ll have the exact time down to the minute! 

Bad weather backup plan 

Secondly, you know where you’re getting married. So, the location won’t change. But, what you need to be prepared for is the weather. Especially if you live in a part of the country like we do, it could be sunny one day, and storming the next. Hello, Cincinnati-crazy-weather! The last thing you would want is to have the perfect day planned out, and your guests get an unexpected party favor, like a hail storm! So, what you want to do is ask your venue what precautions they have for bad weather and options for when things go sour. Make sure that when you decide your wedding venue, you’ve been through their ideas and you know how you’ll adapt your wedding to fit their offerings.   

Prepare for the attack of the allergies

Thirdly, this one is simple. With springtime, comes pollen so thick it will often leave white cars looking yellow, (or a wedding dress stained!). So be prepared to dodge the pollen any and every way you know how. Benadryl is your friend on this day. And if that makes you too drowsy, your local drugstore will have their own brand of 24 hour, non-drowsy antihistamine that should make this special time in your life, sneeze free! Keep this in mind so your spring wedding photography will capture your love, instead of red and runny eyes! 

Know the spring holiday dates

Fourth, this tip is super important if you want to have success in planning your guest list well. Know when the spring holiday dates are! They change every year, so you can’t rely on past knowledge. These holidays are important to know, because people can easily get off of work or plan to be at your venue on time for your ceremony! Plus, if your wedding is on or near a holiday, you can say “X days before Y Holiday” and everyone will be able to remember it much more easily!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

Nicole Hupp is a wedding and engagement photographer with Off the Film Photography, serving Mason OH and surrounding areas with her photographer husband, Ryan!

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