Emily + Zach | Florence Kentucky Engagement Session


Emily and Zach are two amazing people in Florence Kentucky that we got to capture for an engagement session. It was such a privilege to get to hang out with them on this very special day! And it is one that we won’t soon forget.

Emily and Zach have the sweetest engagement story! They were in Nashville for a Nascar race (Zach’s a huge Nascar fan).  Before the race they went to a park for hike, which isn’t something they normally do. While she was on the phone with her mom, he told her to look at a rock (weird right? but whatever!)  When she turned around he was down on one knee asking her to marry him. Spoiler alert… She said yes!

After the proposal, they celebrated at the oh so romantic Nascar race!

But the engagement session started with a freak 30 second hailstorm! Yes, you read that right – It was a gorgeous fall day, then we were standing there trying to figure out what was going on… as soon as we realized it was hail coming down, it was gone as quickly as it came!  After that brief break, we were back to it. Emily and Zach did not let a little bad weather deter them at all, and we were back to capturing their love in no time!

Our first location was South Fork Park in Florence, Kentucky and it was a gorgeous place for an engagement session! The fall leaves were on the pathways, and a dog training class was in session! But, we were able to grab some snaps at a creek and a bridge away from the crowds (except for the occasional Frisbee golfer.)

The second location was just a bit more special than the last! We headed a little further south to a school district for Northern Kentucky. A place where Zach and Emily both work, and where they actually met. Can you see why it was a super special place for them?! Of course, we had to play at the playground first… wasn’t that the best part of school anyways?!  As the sun set, we moved into Emily’s classroom for some amazing photos to round out their engagement session!

Emily and Zach, we can’t wait to see you two this fall for your beautiful wedding at The View in Williamstown! Hanging out for your engagement session was amazing and a breath of fresh air during our crazy fall season!  We wish you all the best in finalizing your wedding plans!

Happy Planning,
Nicole and Ryan

Nicole and Ryan with Off the Film Photography are photographers from Kentucky, serving clients in Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati, and beyond!

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