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One thing that remains true through all the engagement sessions we’ve seen in Ohio is the jitters when couples meet their engagement photographers for the first time. Most couples haven’t had experience with a professional photographer and are much more accustomed to selfies! And that’s okay! That’s what we’re here for! When we work with you, we’re going to help you through all those nerves and worries. So, here’s several tips for getting through your engagement photos without anxiety!

Stay Connected

First, (and this might be sort of self-explanatory) but stay connected to each other. Both physically and emotionally. As we take photos, the cozier you two are, the more natural the photos will seem. And the more comfortable you’ll be for the photos. So, don’t be afraid to be close and lean in to the one you love!

Laugh Out Loud

Secondly, don’t be afraid to laugh. When we’re together and taking your pictures and capturing your love, we’re just hanging out! Half the time, you can forget that we’re even there! You two share in the love that you have, and we’ll make sure that it appears in your photos! So, when we’re with you, just be yourselves and don’t be afraid to express yourselves freely.    

Hit the Town

Lastly, don’t let that hair and makeup, and getting all dressed up go to waste. Look, you guys are in one of the most hectic seasons of your lives and there’s no doubt that tensions can be a bit high. Make sure you unwind and use the occasion to go out and just enjoy yourselves! Knowing that you two have a date where you’re booth looking good and going to spend some time together will help ease and calm some of those jitters. Use that knowledge to just relax and have a good time with us while we do our thing!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

Nicole and Ryan Hupp are wedding and engagement photographers with Off the Film Photography, serving Ohio, Indiana and surrounding areas!

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