Carly + Zach


Our creative minds went into overdrive when Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky were hit with snow for a couple of weeks.  As we looked around on the snow-covered areas, we wanted to capture some portraits of a couple with the gorgeous winter weather. 

After reaching out in a local Cincinnati bridal group, Carly was the first to volunteer to get all winter ready and head out for some portraits.  She brought along her adorable fiancé, Zach, for a snow filled engagement session.

Nicole met up with Carly and Zach at Sharon Woods Park on a Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully we were blessed with a decent winter day… sunny and warmish (as long as the wind was not blowing).  Those of you who are from the Cincinnati area and have been to Sharon Woods know it can be very busy since it’s a beautiful park.  But with snow all around, the park was fairly empty, and we pretty much had the run of the place!

Carly and Zach met 3 years ago through a mutual friend during a night out in Over the Rhine or OTR for us local Cincinnatians.  After dating for several years, close to Carly’s birthday, they were having a gathering in their backyard after they had spent the summer creating a cozy space for them to share time together.

As a surprise for Carly, Zach flew in her best friends from Georgia and Arizona for a party.  With a backyard filled with their family and friends, Zach had created a video filled with a photo montage of their time together as a couple and showed it on the big screen in their backyard theater.  As the video ended, Zach asked Carly to marry him.  Surrounded by their favorite people, she said yes!!

Carly and Zach, once again, thank you for grabbing your winter coats and playing in the snow with Nicole.   We hope your Sweetest Day wedding is everything you two dream about.  We know, without a double, you’ll have so many stunning wedding day photos from your photographer!  Congrats and enjoyed your wedding planning as it will go very quickly!

Have a great day,

Nicole & Ryan

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