Olivia + Tyler


Before Cincinnati was hit with an unnormal snow day, we had a great time capturing our first engagement session of 2021 for an OTF Couple, Olivia and Tyler.  Being from north of the Cincinnati, this adorable couple was in town celebrating Olivia’s birthday, so it was the perfect time to set aside a few ours to head up to Eden Park and Krohn’s Conservatory for an early spring engagement session.

On of our original thought was explore Krohn’s Conservatory and a few in the Park.  However, due to Covid-19, the conservatory is currently closed to visitors.  Which meant, we improvised and explored the grounds.   Exploring the grounds beyond the normal walk from the park lot to the front door was a pleasant surprise.  Nothing kicks our creative juices in gear than having to think outside of the box.

To help complete their session, Olivia and Tyler brought along their puppy!  We have the opportunity to work with various dogs in our line of work, but we can say their puppy, Auri was very well behaved!  She listened and walked by her humans like a big girl… Plus, she is just as sweet and absolutely adorable.

No engagement session is complete without the retelling of the proposal story.  While some are short and sweet, others have very memorable moments.  Olivia and Tyler’s fall in the later category.  These two sweethearts were vacationing in Gatlinburg.  One day, they were set to take a hike and Tyler had it all worked out for the special moments to be captured.  While the photographer was getting in position, another hiker stopped to chat up a storm about a bear in the area… and wouldn’t let the photographer move along.  Not to mention, Tyler was being messaged by her family with anticipation of the answer.

The photographer was able to get away, but Olivia’s suspicions were up with all the “weirdness” happening around here.  But that did not make the moment any less special and spoiler alert, she said yes and the big moment was captured for them to have forever. 

We ended our time together a block up from Krohn’s Conservatory at Twin Lakes in Eden Park.  As it was one of the first beautiful spring weekends in Cincinnati, the park was jammed packed with people… but that didn’t stop us from finding a few spot that looked like we were alone in the park. 

Oliva and Tyler,  thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your love story.  We enjoyed hanging out and chatting up the evening while capturing your engagement photos!  This session made us extremely excited for your wedding this fall… it’s going to an amazing time full of great moments! 

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

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