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Winters in Cincinnati are very hit or miss when it comes to snow.  Some years we will get a TON of snow while others (like last year), it barely even got could enough.  So, when we got hit for a couple weeks in Cincinnati with snow, it was a no brainer to get an adorable couple and head out to Fernbank Park for some engagement photos.

Hello Courtney and Adam!  These two high school sweethearts agreed to do a morning engagement session in 20-degree Cincinnati weather down by the Ohio River.  As they plan their summer wedding, snow is not on their radar at all.  However, they were beyond thrilled to hang out with Nicole at Fernbank Park to play in the snow and, of course, get a few adorable photos!

After being together since high school, they are only a few months out from becoming husband and wife.  Courtney and Adam had homeroom together in high school.  However, they were not really on each other’s radar at first.  Then one evening, Courtney had a friend request from Adam on Snapchat… but she thought a first it might have been his brother, but it wasn’t.

While chatting on social media for a bit, they decided to start take things to t he next level.  During their sophomore year, they started dating.  Fast forward 5 years and now they’re engaged planning a June wedding.

On Valentines Day, while having dinner, Adam received a call from his boss saying he messed up a job and now the client had no power (he’s an electrician).  Since they were close to the site, he explained to Courtney they would stop by there before they head to their next surprise for the night.

Courtney was a bit concerned for the time, as she thought they had reservations for a romantic carriage right like in the Disney movies, which would be perfect for an avid Disney lover.  Being on the frustrated side and wanting to speed things up, she grabbed his tools and followed him to the dark back yard.

When she entered the space, it was filled by thousands of twinkling lights overlooking the Cincinnati skyline.   She saw a box of chocolates and roses laid out on the bench at the end of the path.  When Courtney walked towards the bench, she spotted a ring inside of the roses.  If you have not figured it out yet, she said yes!!!!

Nothing like some loving competitiveness in the snow ball fight…

Courtney and Adam, thank you for allowing me to capture some snowy engagement photos of you two!  We hope your summer wedding will be everything you imaged, and we definitely know you will make a very handsome couple… you’re wedding photographer will be one lucky person.  Remember with all the DIY wedding task will be worth it!  We can’t wait to see you two all dolled up. 

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

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