Rue: Our Newest Family Member


Over the weekend, a lifetime dream finally came true for Ryan…. He has officially become a Husky Dad! That’s right, we added a new family member to our crew here in Erlanger Kentucky.

We would love you to meet our baby husky puppy, Rugger aka Rue. She was born on December 20, 2020 and came to her furever home on February 20, 2021 at exactly 2 months old.

Now, Ryan has always wanted a husky and it’s been a discussion in our family for some time now. We had agreed to wait till we bought a house… well that happened a year ago. Then, our backyard fence, for a lack of better words, has seen better times. Therefore, we decided to wait till our backyard fence was fixed before we added a puppy to our family.

This past Saturday, Ryan was perusing a neighborhood page when he saw 3 husky pups available for adoptions. There were two ginger girls and then there was Rue. She was exactly what Ryan had in mind when for his future husky. Black and white. Blue eyes. Mean looking face markings. She was the one.

Casually Ryan mentioned the available puppies to Nicole. He showed her the photos and Nicole who fell in love with the blurry photo of Rue. She told him they will make it work.

As we were walking out the door to head to celebrate a family birthday, Ryan contacted the owners. Since the puppies were previously spoken for but never picked up, the previous owners had to find the girls new homes as soon as possible. After a few messages back and forth, a deposit, and an agreement to swing by that night to get her, Rue was officially “on hold” for us… which was perfect since other’s in the group had interest in her.

Around 9pm, we met Rue for the first time. Her sisters had already left to go to their furever homes and she was more interested in her mom than us. Rue’s dad however, was all about the new people. The sweetest boy who Rue is a spitting image of. If she is anything just like her dad, Rue will be a big loveable fur baby baby furever.

With the warm weather on the horizon and after a trip to the pet store, we had to let our winter loving puppy have some fun in the snow the next day! She was a bit skeptical at first but after a bit, she enjoyed her time outside playing and eating snow.

Checking out the decor…

“No… I’m not coming in.”

Of course mommy had to buy the little girl a pretty dress for her photos… Rue on the other hand was not a fan of it.

The humans in our family are excited for our newest family member, but the kitty siblings are a little skeptical. Pecko, as normal, has pretty much ignored her while Pixie is establishing her dominance of the house (which has caused Rue to whimper and hid by us a few times). However, the baby boy Remi taken interest in his new sister… from a distance as of right now. The first night he made sure he could see Rue at all times.

As the week has progressed, Remi and Rue have gotten closer to each other. According to Nicole, they will be best friends. Only time will tell!

Welcome to our family Rue and we can’t wait to see how sweet you become. For now… we’re learning how to take care of a puppy and for Nicole, she’s learning how to be a doggie parent for the first time!

Have a wonder day,

Nicole & Ryan

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