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So, we all know it… Weddings are expensive! So when you’re planning one, you may ask yourself, do I really need to budget for a nice wedding invite???

Yes, yes and YES! Why you ask? Let me spell it out!

A nice wedding invite sets the stage for the Day

Let’s be honest, your wedding day is meant to be super special, the best day of your life! You want to set the stage properly for that Special Day. So when you send out those invites announcing it to the world, you want them to look good! A nice invite can not only help set the “mood” for the event, but also give your guests a sense of your specific “vibe”!

Your invite can be as unique as you are and they also help give your guests a “first impression” of the decorations and style of your ceremony.

Is it a seaside sand fest? A pretty shell and ocean blue on your invitation give your guests a first whiff of the sea! Is it a rustic barnyard hoedown? You and your guests can get your cowboy boots ready! Get the idea?

Nice invites for important guests

You may ask: do I have to send a nice wedding invite to every guest? Trust me sister, you don’t need to break the bank for that! Not every guest needs one of your nice invites! Your second cousin on your mom’s side that you’ve only met three times in your whole life will probably just pin it on their fridge and forget about it or throw it away after the wedding is over.

But your BFF or your mom or dad? It’s something they can treasure! So splurge a bit for those special guests: your parents, grandparents, closest friends, those people who will keep them forever!

Something for You to remember your Day!

So you get a beautiful invitation to announce your wedding day, what to do with it after the ceremony is over? Do you just throw it out after you spent so much time and/or money on it? Um, we think not!

Your wedding invites can make for stunning “detail” photos when paired with your jewelry and wedding attire, even your shoes! Put the invite on a table surrounded by your flowers and maybe your rings or earrings and you’ve got a recipe for an amazing wedding photo!

Even after the wedding, you can slap that gorgeous invite in a shadowbox for a wonderful art display for yours and your new hubby’s (or wifey’s!) home! A beautiful (and stylish!) way to remind you of one of the best days ever!!!

We hope this inspires you to create something truly special to invite people to your Big Day! Check out more tips and tricks from a pro photographer and see my work on display at my website and make sure to check out my blog

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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