Why You Need Professional Hair & Makeup for Your Engagement Photos

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Hair and Makeup Artist working with a bride for an Ohio engagement session

When getting photos done for your Ohio engagement session it could be easy to ignore professional hair and make up. We get it. You’ve got a lot on your plate with the wedding already, and the last thing you need is to make the engagement session a big deal! But, here’s the thing. Your engagement session is super important, and there’s quite a few reasons why getting professional hair and makeup helps with everything! Here’s our top four reasons why you need professional hair and makeup for your engagement photos! 

An Ohio engagement session is hair and makeups wedding day trial run

First, just like you have a wedding rehearsal, an engagement session is a perfect time for your hair and makeup artist to make sure that everything will be perfect for your wedding day! They get to try on various shades and styles, and make sure that their selections work well with what you want! And, they get to take notes of adjustments they need to make for you! That way, there’s no problems on your wedding day!

Makeup Artist selecting colors for a brides makeup


Secondly, who doesn’t love feeling put together! And that’s what hair and makeup artists do! They make sure that when you step down the aisle, you’re able to feel like your best self. Well, it’s the same thing with your engagement photos. Since you know they’re gonna help you look amazing, you know that you can feel proud and just enjoy the day! Getting the chance to see your engagement photos, and how stunning you look, will give you the confidence you need to let go of any lingering nerves about your wedding!

Good lighting reveals everything!

Third, we photographers have to work with light to make sure that our images are crisp. But, the lights that we use are revealing. And unforgiving! When we capture your love on camera, you will be able to look back and see a lot of your natural skin. Unless you apply makeup! That’s what it’s there for, to cover up those little imperfections you’d rather forget. Makeup helps even all that out, and makes your pictures actually look better!

Hair and Makeup Artist helping a bride get ready for Ohio engagement session

Makes photos easier to edit

Lastly, like we mentioned above, makeup helps even out your face when we take photos for your Ohio engagement session. So, applying makeup helps your photographer when we start to edit your photos for light balance and color correction. Our natural skin-tone is often imperfect, and when you apply makeup for your photos, we can get through your editing faster. Which means that, we can get your engagement photos back to you faster as well!

Happy Planning!

Nicole & Ryan

Nicole and Ryan Hupp are wedding and engagement photographers with Off the Film Photography, serving Ohio, Indiana and surrounding areas!

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