Jasmine + Brandon | Mt. Airy Forest Spring Engagement Session


Spring time is definitely a wonderful season for engagement photos. The weather is great, the sun is starting to stay out longer, and of course, nature is starting to bloom beautifully. Our spring engagement session with Jasmine and Brandon at Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati did not disappoint as all three happened.  

Brandon standing in a tall grass field in Mt. Airy Forest with Jasmine holding onto his arm and waist looking up at her fiancé

In our original chats about their engagement session, Jasmine and Brandon wanted a “fall vibe” but to be honest, we were about 2 weeks to late. The time our schedules coordinated, the world woke up from its winter slumber and Spring was in full bloom… literally! 

The couple took some time on a free day to scope out different parks in the Cincinnati Tri-State area before settling on Mt. Airy Forest. They loved the variety of spots as they gave off all kinds of different vibes. As for us, we always enjoy the park and love getting an opportunity to capture a sweet love story there. 

Jasmine with her arms around Brandon's neck smiling at Mt. Airy Forest
Collage of couple first photo is of bride to be looking and laughing at the camera as her fiancé is hugging a tree with his eyes closed and second photos is full length of the couple with the bride smirking at the camera and the groom to be snuggling in
Entrance to Mt Airy Forest Tree House with the couple standing holding hands under the arch
On the walkway of Mt Airy Forest Treehouse, the engaged couple are holding hands as the bride to be laughs at her groom to be who is smiling back at her.
Collage of couple full length with the bride to be hugging the groom to be from behind with smirks and a close up of  her ring holding on to his arm
Jasmine is giving Brandon a bear hug from behind laying her head on her back with both are looking at the camera smiling
Collage of the couple hugging on to each other and sharing kisses on either the forehead or lips
Engaged couple stating in front of trees at Mt. Airy Forest where the bride to be is smiling at the camera and the groom to be is giving her a side hug with is eyes closed smiling
Ring photos laying on a branch of a tree
Couple walking down a trail away from the camera holding hands smiling at each other
Jasmine and Brandon smiling at one another as they dance on a path at Mt. Airy Forest in front of trees.
Couple skipping down a path at Mt. Airy Forest laughing as the bride to be stares at her groom to be.
Jasmine is smiling as Brandon gives her a kiss on the forehead

Online dating is as common of meeting place for people as a bar these days… and Jasmine and Brandon are no strangers to this world. After meeting on a dating app, they physically met at Newport Aquarium for their first date but spend the evening at Smale Park swinging and chatting the night away.  

Fast forward a year, after dinner, Jasmine and Brandon made their way back to the same spot at Newport Aquarium. While sitting there, One Man Band by Old Dominion came on the radio. Brandon asked Jasmine to dance, so they did. While they were dancing, Brandon shocked Jasmine as he took one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Spoiler alert… she said yes!!! 

One of the few things a guy has control over is choosing the ring he will ask the love of his life to become his wife with. Most women, on the other hand, have an idea of what they like or dislike. A month before Brandon proposed, while shopping with her sister Jasmine was looking at rings. She explained to her sister she loved the color silver. But when asked about rose gold, she expressed a “meh” attitude towards the color.  

Little did she know, Brandon had already purchased her ring, which just so happened to be rose gold. When Jasmine’s sister reported her findings back to Brandon, he began sweating bullets and debating on buying a new one. However, he kept to his guns and proposed to her with the original ring… which is a great thing because she absolutely loves it! 

Close up of a rose gold engagement ring on a fence post
Black and white photo of Jasmine cuddling into Brandon's arm
Jasmine gives Brandon a hug from behind as they stand in front of the pond at Mt. Airy Forest
Collage of engaged couple at Mt. Airy Forest with  as the couple are sharing a kiss in front of the lake and holding hands as the walk along the pond
Wide photo of the pond at Mt. Airy Forest with Jasmine and Brandon standing facing each other holding around the waist
Collage of couple sitting on a bench under a canopy of trees and a close up of their hands laying on Jasmines lacey dress
Collage of engaged couple as a close up close up snuggling and standing under large trees as the groom to be kisses the bride to be forehead
Black and white photo of couple hugging from behind in the gazebo at Mt. Airy Forest as they lookout at the pond
collage of couple facing each other as they hold hands and share a kiss

These two love bird will be getting married this fall, 4 years to the day when they met each other for the first time down at Newport Aquarium. Until then, they will continue their wedding planning and everyday life together! 

Jasmine and Brandon, thank you for being such great sports at your engagement session and we’re glad the cobra chickens (aka geese) decided to not attack us by the lake. You two completely rocked your engagement session and we KNOW you’ll be super adorable on the wedding day. We can’t wait to celebrate the 4th anniversary of your first date by capturing you two becoming husband and wife. Enjoy this time as your big day will be here before you know it! 

Brandon showing geese into the pond at Mt. Airy Forest

Have a fantastic day, 

Nicole & Ryan 

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