A couple captured hugging in front of some bushes during an engagement photography session done by two engagement photography pros.

Engagement Photos: When To Reschedule? | Engagement Photography Pros

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Look, we get it, sometimes stuff happens, and you have to reschedule! You scheduled an upcoming engagement photography session, and something unexpected blindsides you. You ask yourself, should I reschedule? Let a couple of engagement photography pros help you decide! Here are a few understandable situations in which you’d have to reschedule.

A couple captured hugging in front of some bushes during an engagement photography session done by two engagement photography pros.


We’re sure you’ve all figured this out by now, but no one can control the weather! “Yes, yes” you say, “that’s obvious”, but when you’ve got a major life event (like an engagement!) you want things to be perfect! So if the weather on the chosen day for the session turns sour, it’s time to reschedule! We know what we’re talking about when we tell you that snapping good pictures in the rain, or when it’s super windy doesn’t turn out well! We work with what we can, but sometimes you just gotta wait for the storm to pass – literally!

The same deal applies when it’s face-meltingly hot or nose-numbingly cold! We aren’t going to be able to get very nice pictures of you and your future spouse when you’re sweating buckets or shivering. Sometimes it’s better to just reschedule and wait for better weather, rather than not getting the wonderful pictures and memories that you deserve!


Sometimes life throws curveballs, and we aren’t prepared to catch them! A major life event or an emergency happens, that’s a good time to reschedule your engagement session. Trust us, you don’t want us to be helping you pose, or taking you to locations and telling you to smile when something heavy is weighing on your mind! If a family member suddenly has to go to the hospital or your brother or sister suddenly has the baby everyone has been waiting for, just let us know! It’s better to let life calm down a bit than to be out of sorts while we’re trying to take photos of your new ring, and the fiancé that comes with it!

Another situation where we would recommend you reschedule is if you’re some kind of accident and have injuries or bruises that would show up in pictures. These are memories you’re going to want forever, you don’t want them marred by that bruise you got going down a water slide too fast, or falling off a porch! If you need time to heal, please let us know or let us try to help you hide the marks for the pictures so you can look back on them fondly!

Ultimately, we as engagement photography pros want what’s best for our clients – what’s best for you! We want to give you the best experience, and the best photos that we can! So if you feel that you might have to reschedule your engagement photography session, contact us and we’ll try our best to work with you!

We hope this was helpful!

Happy Planning,
Nicole & Ryan

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