Photo of a bride getting ready taken by some wedding photographers.

Making A Wedding Day Timeline | Tips From Wedding Photographers

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Wedding Days can be pretty hectic, happy, but hectic! Creating a timeline for the day can help things run more smoothly, and create less headaches. Here are a few tips from some pro wedding photographers to create that timeline!

Photo of a bride getting ready taken by some wedding photographers.

Tip 1: Always overestimate how long something will take
Sure, you may plan on the getting ready portion only taking an hour and half, but what if something goes wrong? Having a cushion of time for your events gives you (and your photographers!) some breathing room in case things don’t go entirely according to plan. Don’t short yourself on time thinking that something won’t take long! You never know when a groomsman might get a flat tire, or a bridesmaid may have a wardrobe malfunction. In short, don’t underestimate the time you have to get things done. If you always assume you’re going to need more than you think you will then you won’t have to scramble later!

Tip 2: Customize timelines for specific people
The maid of honor and groomsmen number five won’t have the same responsibilities on the wedding day. So instead of just having one generalized timeline that you give everyone, make customized timelines for each person who plays an important part in the wedding. This will help everyone know where they need to be and when without a bunch of questions or confusion. This tip helps everyone involved. If everyone knows where they should be, then that should take some weight off of your mind as well!

Be sure to share the timelines sooner rather than later so that all those with specific tasks are ready to finish them on time. If someone in your wedding party needs to be somewhere, let them know well in advance, before the wedding day! If possible, you should even cover the timelines at the rehearsal as much as possible to make sure everyone is on the same page. You don’t want bridesmaids and groomsmen running around like confused squirrels at crunch time!

Tip 3: Let your wedding planner and your photographer know of any last minute changes.
Trust me, even if it’s 2AM the morning of, we’d rather know if there has been a change right away than hear about it when we get to the venue! If you’re straight with us about any change to the itinerary then we have time to adjust our timelines as well and get you those wedding pictures you’ve always dreamed about! Less trouble for us means better service (and pictures) for you!

We hope these tips from a couple of wedding photographers help you plan your wedding day timeline! Please contact us if you need someone to capture your wedding day!

Happy Planning,
Nicole & Ryan

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