A detail photo of a wedding album from two wedding photographers giving planning tips

Why You Need A Wedding Album | Wedding Photographers Planning Tips

Planning Tips

A detail photo of a wedding album from two wedding photographers giving planning tips

Creating a wedding album can be a lot of work, especially in the aftermath of your wedding day. Is it worthwhile to create a wedding album? We think so! Here are a few reasons (and a few planning tips) from some wedding photographers why you’d want this special memory:

1. Your wedding album is the first family heirloom of your legacy

You and your new spouse are starting a new family, a new legacy, and a wedding album can be an amazing memory to share with your kids! Wedding albums pass down through many generations. Maybe even your great-grandkids will see you all dressed in white (or black, or whatever color you chose). Telling the story of your family to your kids and grandkids can be such a special way to remind them and yourself of how important family is, so why not start off on a good foot and create an album showing off the day that started it all!

2. Tell the story of your wedding day with your favorite photos

What can I say? Wedding albums are a one-stop shop for telling the story of your wedding day! Say you have some friends over, and they ask how long you’ve been married and what your wedding was like. Presto! Out comes the wedding album! You can show off your favorite moments captured in vivid still life and show off your creative decorations and outfits and really wow people with your sense of style! A wedding album is a collection of the best moments from your wedding day and anytime you can’t remember a detail when telling about it, you have an easy reference at hand!

3. It’s the perfect way to relive your wedding day

Piggybacking off of the last point, having a wedding album can be a great way to personally relive your wedding day. Maybe things aren’t going great in your life and you crack open the old wedding album. You see you and your spouse’s happy smiles and it makes the day a little better. Or maybe it’s your anniversary and you and your hubby or wifey are just sitting on the couch and looking through the album and reliving the day. Smiling again at the little mishaps, and recalling the best and the worst. A wedding album can be a fantastic way to reflect on how your marriage journey started, while also giving hope and optimism for what still lies ahead!

Extra Pro-Tip:

Go through your wedding photographer to create the album! Seriously, if you’re worried about how much time it’ll take to go through all those photos, let us do it for you! We can curate and crop the pictures and arrange them how you want in order to create a long-lasting memory. We can help you create something that can stand the test of time so you can share it with future generations! We’re pros after all, this is part of what we do!

We hope these planning tips from a couple of wedding photographers inspire you to create a stunning wedding album! If you need some help with that, or with taking photos for your wedding day, look us up!

Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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