Alex’s Bridal Shower


Over 5 years ago Alex and Carlos began dating and now they are just a little less than 2 months away from becoming husband and wife. They met when Alex started working at a Mexican restaurant and one day unexpectedly, they had lunch together, even though they didn’t really have much to do with each other at work. During their lunch, they hit it off after discovering how much they had in common with one another.

One night while at Newport on the Levee bowling with family, her cousin Kenia asked her to walk outside to meet their friend. It was a very chilly evening and Alex was not in any mood to freeze while waiting. As she turned around to walk back inside, Carlos was down on his knee with a stunning ring in a small box asking for her hand in marriage. Tears began to flow and instead of the traditional Yes, Alex commented “Is this really happening right now?!” A little anxious, Carlos responded “are you going to say yes or no?” Obviously, Alex said Yes!

The first Saturday in June, Alex’s mother Lupe with the help of a few family and friends, hosted a Wine inspired bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming nuptials at Aqua on the Levee. Nicole had an amazing time celebrating and photographing her shower! Initially, we heard from Alex in January but the details were not quite figured out. Then when she told us it was on a Saturday in June, we were a little hesitant to say yes to her shower as we were still booking weddings for the summer. We explained this to Alex and said if she had not found a photographer by beginning of May, to reach back out to us. Within the first week of May, we heard from her again! As the weekend was still free for us, we had to say Yes and we couldn’t be any happier that we did! The shower was hosted in a beautiful space decorated with gorgeous flowers, and more than anything, the amazing woman who gathered!

A sweet moment with the Bride and Her Mother as she arrived at her shower.

A woman cannot ask for anything better than this reaction when you walk into a room!

Alex had no clue what her shower would look like, but she was beyond blown away! All she asked for was it to be Wine Inspired and she knew she would be in for a fantastic treat just by the invitation. A wine inspired evening would not be complete without a wine bar!

Bridal showers are pretty typical… food, games, and gifts. However, Alex’s shower was more of a celebration of their love. Yes, there was amazing food, cute games and tons of gifts for the couple, but they did not seem to be the focus of her evening. The evening was filled with constant laughter, great conversations, mingling family and friends, and the occasional impromptu dance party!

Lupe, the lovely hostess, wanted to incorporate a bit of their Peru heritage to the shower! The cake was created to include several ribbons along the bottom layer. Before the cake is cut and service, all the single ladies in attendance is to pull on a string and the lucky lady who has a ring at the end of her string is said to be the next one to marry within a year! Ahh we love such traditions.

Some of the faces Nicole saw that night were familiar as we had photographed her cousin, Kenia’s Bridal Shower and Civil Ceremony! One thing we’ve come to learn and LOVE about this family is how wonderful and sweet they are. Anytime we have been around them, we can say they’ve treated us just like family and make sure we have some of the tasty treats for the road. 

Alex, thank you so much for remembering us and choosing Nicole to capture your bridal shower! You are going to make a stunning bride and have chosen a beautiful venue, The Josephina! Carlos is one lucky man. We wish you both the best and cannot wait to see photos from your wedding day!


Nicole and Ryan







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