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Planning a perfect and beautiful wedding is what every woman wants. Flowers lining the aisle way as you walk down in a stunning white dress to the love of your life. Everything perfectly matching your vision from your invitations to the wedding cake. Once the big question is popped and the reality of how expensive weddings can be… certain things start to be put down lower on the list of importance.

Each wedding is beautiful and unique in its own way. Today, we put together a few things you can do it help elevate your wedding details to the next level… whether you’re planning a $1,000 wedding or a $100,000 wedding.

  1. Invest in a Hanger: Something so simple can totally change the look in an image! On your wedding, you will mostly be wearing the most expensive of your lifetime. Nothing cheapens the looks than a white plastic hanger it came on. Not only will a nice hanger elevate your outfit, but it will add a little extra personal touch. There are so many beautiful hangers out there… some are custom made with your name on it or covered in satin for an elegant look.
  2. Fresh Flower Bouquet: Flowers can be expensive and one of the first things a bride will cut from her budget. Totally understandable… artificial flowers can be a great cost-effective alternative. However, they will not have the movement or smell of a fresh cut flower. They will lay completely different during photos. Our suggestion is if nowhere else during your day you have fresh cut flowers, your bridal bouquet! The bridal bouquet will be used in more photos than any other flower arrangement, so it’s definitely worth the investment.
  3. Chair covers: Moment of harsh truth… metal or plastic fold up chairs are just UGLY and will cheapen any event. You could have spent THOUSANDS on fresh cut flowers, have custom made centerpieces, and the perfect place setting… and then add in metal chairs. The chairs take away from the overall decor. Even if you have not spent thousands on your flowers, chair covers will elevate the room to a more polished look and add value to all the decorations.
  4. Extra Flower Stems or Ribbon: While working with all your bridal details, we love to add in little elements of your wedding day. For example, when photographing your invitation, using the same greenery found in your bouquet will up-scale the look by tying all pieces together. The easiest way to add these elements are to ask your florist for an extra stem or you can bring along extra pieces of ribbon from your wedding decor. These items will just add an extra element to your details and once again, will give it a high-end look.


Wedding details are amazing to have, especially when you are pairing them in your album. These few tips will help elevate them to a higher end look and add the extra polished look every bride wants from her day. As a photographer, our goal is to capture your wedding in the best way possible and these extra elements will make sure you get exactly what you had vision for your wedding day!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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