Hannah + Kyle


“What I love the most about my home, is who I share it with.”  This sweet quote describes how Hannah feels about Kyle!  A little over a week ago, we met them at their place and hung out to capture them doing a few their favorite things together.  The weather here in Cincinnati was a bit on the chilly side that day, but since we spent a bulk of our time indoors, it was a perfect day!

As most wedding planning goes, Hannah has taken control over the event, which included scheduling their engagement photos.  After pondering what she truly wanted out of her photos, Hannah decided an in-home lifestyle engagement session would be perfect! 

Hannah explained to us, when deciding on the location for their photos, she had few main reason to choose their home.  First, and most importantly, she explained on the biggest reasons she has fallen in love with Kyle was how much she loves living with him.   They love to cuddle.  They enjoy coffee together on weekend mornings.  This is their space together and it represented who they are perfectly!

Plus, by doing photos at home, Hannah and Kyle could have their fur babies included!  Leo, their sweet doggo, wanted to be involved in the entire process.  He would hang out with his mom and dad while posing for photos.  Funny side note, apparently Leo is not a fan of men with beards… that is except for Ryan!  These two became buddies almost immediately!

However, on the opposite side of things was Gracie, the cat.  Kyle and Hannah explained her personality perfectly.  She loves to co-exist with her humans.  Gracie would keep an eye on things in a “behind the scenes” fashion.  She was there but not involved.  However, we did manage to get a few snaps of her cuteness.  Sadly, we were not able to get a “full” family photo.  Gracie just wasn’t having it. Nicole did try and failed miserably.

We decided to change things up a bit and headed to their bedroom! Nothing says romance like a cuddle session in your bed! Yes… they kept it PG for our sake!

and Leo had to join in of course!

All these cuddles were followed by a pillow fight.  Nicole had the brilliant idea to do a “sorority-girl” style pillow fight.  Yes those were her exact words! While they both played nice majority of the time, there were a few cheap shots here and there. 

After the battle… the fight was ended with a kiss of truce!!!

Even though Hannah chosen an in-home lifestyle session, she also wanted to make her future hubby happy!  So, we all headed over to Ault Park to capture some beautiful fall foliage to include in their engagement album!  Being a Saturday afternoon, in the middle of fall wedding season, the park was on the busy side of things… but we found some great spots to hang out on our own!

The way these two look at each other is a photographer’s dream come true!!!

Hannah and Kyle, your engagement session was amazing and full of non-stop laughter.  We know you’re no stranger to our camera and are pros, but these photos came out better than we could have ever imaged!  Now, we get to dream for the next 11 months about your wedding day.  We are excited to meet your family and friends!

Have an Amazing Day!

Nicole & Ryan

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