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17 inches.  Yep, you read that right… we’re talking about 17 inches.  If you have the same mindset as Ryan, we’re pretty sure your mind went straight the gutter.   However, the following story is toddler approved.

Our adventure, and by our we truly mean Ryan’s, began almost 4 years ago here is Florence Kentucky.  A simple statement made by Nicole as her and Ryan were talking about their upcoming nuptials.  “You only have to groom for the next 3 occasions… engagement photos, our wedding day, and our reception.”

Those who know Ryan well, know he can be a very literal person from time to time.  And this statement was a time he took what Nicole said to heart.  The last time Ryan’s hair saw the scissors of a hairstylist was late September 2016; two weeks before we said, “I Do.”  After that, he just let it grow.  According to him, after the wedding reception, he was free to do whatever he wanted with his hair. 

Last night after 3 years, Ryan walked into a Supercuts.  He sat down in the salon chair with hair going past the middle of his back and a beard at a “civil war general” status (according to his beard t-shirt).  Roughly 30 minutes later, he stood up with a close shave and more than 17 inches removed from his hair.

So, you may wonder, what’s next for his hair.  Well, we’re getting it ready to be shipped off to Wigs for Kids.  “I have always been told that my hair was pretty, lots of curls and such.  And I thought someone in need would probably love to have it.  Every time I see one of the videos of a child getting a wig and seeing their faces light up… it pulls at my heart strings.” answered Ryan when asked why he wanted to donate it. 

After the big hair chop…. Ryan decided to get a “trim” of the beard.

Being able to donate his hair to a charity, such as Wigs for Kids, has been on Ryan’s Bucket List for as long as he could remember.  Why you may wonder… Growing up, he was always made to cut his hair and keep it at an “acceptable” length for a boy.  As he became an adult, he has had been in situations, both personally and professionally, where he couldn’t have longer hair.  Well, all the stars in his life finally aligned to where he was able to grow out his hair and fulfill this dream. 

After cutting his hair, Ryan said “Cold.  I feel lightheaded.  There was a lot of weight that’s been taken off my head.  Not to mention, it’s weird not feeling it rub against my back as I move my head.   As far as my beard being short, my natural scarf is gone and feeling the cold hit my neck and chest is just weird.”

Cheers to saving money on our shampoo bill and giving a child a precious gift during their suffering!  We hope the hair will loved by a sweet, deserving child as much as it was loved by the original owner.  Now, onto growing it back out again for the next donation!

Have a great Day,

Nicole & Ryan

  1. Kelly says:

    What a huge transformation!

  2. Jen says:

    This is so cool! My Sister and daughter donate all the time. I wish my hair grew fast! Haha great blog post!

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