The Hupps Pumpkin Carving Adventure


Happy Halloween!!!  What a fun day Halloween truly is when you take a moment to think about it.  You get to dress up like and be someone you’re not in everyday life.  You get a valid excuse to eat candy from strangers (after it’s cleared).  You get to carve out jack-o-lanterns.  You get to watch scary movies. 

Since Halloween falls on a weekday this year, neither kiddo is at our house for the day.  This year, we took some time out on a Sunday afternoon and did a little pumpkin carving!  Honestly, it was a great family activity… even if Caleb was a bit “gimpy” due to having a cast on his dominant hand.

One of the main reasons we enjoyed this was the first Halloween we spent together (just dating), we carve out pumpkins together!  It truly brings out memories of a being a child.  Plus, it was totally Ryan’s idea!  Hello wonderful “date” night.

As parents of two kids that are is different stages of growing up, finding something the BOTH enjoy is a miracle!  Well… we’re proud to say, pumpkin carving was a success!  Jacob choose a very complex, very detailed sugar skull design, whereas, Caleb wanted to draw his own.  Ultimately, both choose to do their own design and freehand their pumpkins.  (We think the design Jacob choose was a bit more than he wanted to do).   Caleb took his one step further and used pieces he carved out for his eyes as ears for his cat (instead of carving them out). 

So… the boys, and all the boys, enjoyed stabbing the pumpkins WAY too much.  Especially Ryan.  He may have taken carving to a whole new level.  Sure enough, Caleb followed in his father’s footsteps.  However, Nicole and Jacob were a bit more on the goofy side of things! 

He was excited…whether or not he shows it.

Here are the final products!   They may not be perfect… and they may have become, well, furry (not in a good way) before we could light them with candles.  But they are ours.  They represent memories and time well spent with the boys!!!  We love make memories with the kiddos!

Ryan’s creepy face!

Jacob’s crazy face with eyebrows!

Jacob’s crazy face without eyebrows!

Nicole’s Cat!

Caleb’s Cat!

Our final products! They are just as crazy as our family!

Happy Halloween,

Nicole and Ryan

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