Maddy + Alex


Fall is finally here and we kicked off the beautiful weather a couple weekends ago with an engagement session in Dayton Ohio at the Eastwood Metro Park with our adorable military couple Maddy and Alex! 

These two are both actively enlisted in the US Air Force and this life choice is what ultimately brought them together… especially since Alex is a Michigan native, while Maddy’s family settled in New York after being a military family.  Not only are they active military members, both are enrolled in college.  Maddy is pursuing her doctorate in Physics, while Alex is a studying for his masters in chemistry.

This past July, after only dating for 9 months, Alex knew Maddy was the one for him! While the couple was vacationing at Myrtle Beach during the 4th of July holiday, they were on the balcony at their hotel overlooking the ocean enjoying breakfast. Here is where Alex, privately, proposed to Maddy.  (Well… mostly private, there was another guess who saw what was going on while on their balcony).   Of course, Maddy said yes!

As we watched Maddy and Alex interact with each other, we couldn’t help but smile.  Maybe it’s how military persona is portrayed in the movies, but we expected more rigid couple.  However, these two knocked our socks off with their sense of humors, intelligence, and love for one another. 

Honestly, our favorite moments with these two, were the in between moments!  When Alex would embrace Maddy is some of the tightest hugs and just linger there for a few moments.  These amazing hugs typically ended in a sweet kiss.  As much as we love creating beautiful images, these two just naturally created their own!  Hello dreamy couple!!!!

Maddy and Alex, we had an amazing time at your engagement session and it just made us become WAY more excited for your wedding day in July!  Thank you so much for trusting us to capture this next phase in your life! 

Have a Fantastic Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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