YMCA Camp Ernst 5 Year Portraits of Carter


Carter is officially a full hand old! This handsome fella celebrated his 5th birthday in June and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Luckily, Carter will not be alone… he will be attending the same school as his big sister, Lexi. Where has time gone?! It feels like yesterday that he was down by the lake in a basket at Delhi Park for his newborn photos. Carter has been subjected to Nicole’s photography since the day he was born. Nicole has the honor of being his Godmother… so yes her camera has been in his face for years, like 5 of them.Every year we’re excited to see how Carter changes and grows into his personality. Just like every kid out there… he has his crazy, hyper, out of control moments but he also has those moments that you can’t help love him! Carter is a very sweet, caring and lovable little guy (when he wants to be.)

So you may wonder, how does a 5 year old fill his day… well if it involves Paw Patrol, Hot dogs, dancing, t-ball, and zip lining. Wait what?! Yes Carter love to go zip lining. When working with his family on where to do his birthday session this year, it was a no brainer to head to YMCA Camp Ernst. Especially since Carter thinks it’s the best place in the world! Honestly, can you question his opinion… Camp Ernst has horses, games, a big lake, pools, zip lining, a rock wall, and so much more!

We are super excited to see what this year brings for Carter. Our hope for you this year Carter is to continue to grow into your great personality and blossom as you start your new adventures!Just having some fun time hanging out in the hammocks… Carter thought it was funny to hide his face!

Such lovable horses!

Those eyes… are so intense… especially for a 5 year old! We can’t help but wonder what is going on in his mind right now?!

Carter may have decided that walking on the log was one of the best things! Especially because he was able to do a super hero jump at the end!

His smirk only makes us thing he has some plan he’s working out in his head….

And we were right! MULCH & DIRT EVERYWHERE!

How can you not love the deep stares, genuine laughter, and great smiles Carter has to offer! But we love those “imperfect” moments when he really SHOWS his corky personality. Her are a few of our favorite non-perfect moments!

Happy Birthday Carter!!!

Nicole and Ryan

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