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Most ladies start planning their wedding YEARS before they’re actually engaged and yes, I was one of those ladies. As time goes on, our method of wedding planning has evolved with technology. The invention of Pinterest has made the wedding planning process extremely convenient. You can search for any and everything your little heart desires with results!

The beautiful part of Pinterest is that you can create a board that is either private (for early planners) or public. Since I started my wedding planning a couple years prior to even meeting Ryan, I had a private Pinterest board. Believe me when I say there were days, I was pin happy and pinned whatever I found! There was no rhyme or reason as to why I choose an image to save… maybe at 3am on a Saturday I thought the image just was neat… Who knows?! I sure as heck didn’t.Then there came a day when I was Wedding planning. Luckily, my mother was helping me plan our big day… and for clarification, I did not inherit her design skills. As she was looking through my Pinterest board for inspiration, she had me explain why I pinned each and every image. Did I like the flowers? The colors? The look? They style? The background? Remember my 3am pin happy days?!

Yes… this task was very tedious and slightly obnoxious. Looking back through my board, images would come up and I honestly had no clue why I even pinned the image! Maybe my style had changed over the years or maybe I was like every other person on Pinterest, I didn’t want to lose the image in case I decided I needed it later. My mom gave me homework one weekend, declutter my board! Did I enjoy going through ALL these images… Nope sure didn’t.

However, something amazing happened after I looked back through my decluttered wedding board… I saw that what I truly like and wanted my wedding to look like. I was able to hone down my wedding day style!

Here are my recommendations for your Pinterest Wedding Board:

  1. Carefully look at each image on your board… decide what you truly like about the image.
  2. Decide if the image is something that inspires, you to plan your wedding day or did you just pin it in a 3am “I want to save everything” mode.
  3. Delete and declutter anything that no longer speaks to your day or if you can’t remember why you save the image.
  4. Once your board is decluttered, see what is standing out? Do you see any common themes, color scheme, styles?


Honestly, once I did the above tasks, I noticed that I began to avoid recklessly pinning images to my wedding boards There was a purpose to my pin and I knew WHY it was on my board. Pinterest no longer was this hodge podge of images and overwhelming ideas. It became an amazing source of inspiration that we would draw ideas from for my wedding. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful. We are all about doing little things to make our lives less stressful! You will be amazed how having a decluttered Pinterest board will enhance your wedding planning and reduce your stress level. Just remember, it’s like searching for your fave wedding vendors… once you have direction, you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff! I truly hope this helps make your wedding planning a little bit easier and less stressful in the long run!

Have an amazing day!


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