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Hello and welcome to a new section on our blog…. Tuesday Tips. Before I was ever a bride, I was in the wedding business as a vendor where I learned about how weddings run… on the day of. Planning my own wedding has really opened my eyes to the complexity of planning a wedding and the abundant amount of stress and frustrations that as a vendor I never truly understood. My goal is to share some advice that will help keep you from getting burned out with wedding planning. The ideas I am sharing have truly helped me along the way and have allowed me to stay focused, organized, and keep my sanity (for the most part) throughout the wedding planning process!

My first Tuesday Tip is very simple but was vital in not going over the edge… Slow down, Stop and Smell the Roses… Seems very simple right?! Well that is until you think about the laundry list of wedding stuff you have to do on top of the actual laundry.

Recently, I have struggled with this very concept. Less than 3 months away from my own wedding, plus working with our clients who are closer to their wedding day than we are, I started to feel like I didn’t time to slow down. I realized this past week, there will always be grocery store trips, laundry, cooking, final client meetings, creating seating charts for the reception, deciding on how the tables should be decorated but there will not be moments I can get back.

Fourth of July weekend, my family had a grill out and we just enjoyed each other’s company. No one rushed off to be with the other side of the family or talked about how many candles will be needed for the aisle way for the wedding. We all just focused on creating lasting memories with each other. We all stop and smelled the roses.

After that evening, I woke up refreshed and ready to take on my multiple list and tasks. It makes me realize that yes my wedding day is one of the most important days of my life, but these days with my family and friends are just as important. Life must go on while planning a wedding.

Please share your moment of taking time to really step back from the craziness of wedding planning and enjoy the moments in life!!!

If you would like to ask me how I handled a wedding planning situation as either a bride or a wedding vendor, please don’t hesitate to ask! Have a beautiful day and happy planning!

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