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There are times that we have to make decisions that are hard… especially for a Libra like myself. As a wedding photographer, it’s a rarity that I get to ATTEND a wedding! Needless to say, I was super excited when a co-work of mine, Lori, invited me to her sweet backyard nuptials. According to family and friends, their wedding day has been anticipated event for a long time! Lori and Aaron met seven years ago at a local bar, where they spent HOURS that night talking with each other! This fun couple enjoys spending time together camping, watching races, or watching Aaron play drums in a local band.Their wedding day FINALLY arrived on the 2nd Saturday of July, and no one could have asked for better weather for a mid-summer wedding. The night before, the tri-state area was hit with some crazy storms, but on her wedding day the day the weather was perfect. As I was getting ready, I was trying to decide if I should leave my camera at home or bring it with me. According to Ryan, I should leave my “baby” at home and enjoy myself. As a photographer, I struggled with this. I am a photographer, and I experience life through my lens. So…. Yes I took my camera, and I am absolutely glad I did! After seeing the unique Message in a Bottle wedding invitation she made, I could only image what other awesome things Lori had in store for her big day!

These Tiki Style candle holders were the perfect centerpieces for their tables.

Each chair was draped with a Hawaiian Lei in a variety of colors. This was a fantastic way to tie all her tropical colors together!Lori and Aaron choose not to hire a photographer. They decided that they would enjoy the images that their family and friends captured. I found a beautiful spot under a shady tree with my coworkers but also able to see the entire ceremony.Lori looked stunning walking down her backyard hill barefoot with the summer sun behind her.

Let me just say; the officiant was quite a handsome fella. If he looks familiar, you may have seen him playing the mandolin on the blog about Our Wedding Day! That’s my big brother, Nick, who was Lori and Aaron’s wedding day officiant. He did a fantastic job for his first time as a wedding officiant.Catching the loving gaze of a groom is a MUST have shot at every wedding!

Bowing as their family and friends clapped and cheer at the new Mr. and Mrs!

The yard was beautiful adorn with tropical themed items!

Lori and Aaron’s cake was a beautiful addition to their wedding day. Our co-worker, Rick, did an amazing job on their cake… not to mention it was delicious!

How can you not love their pure happiness in this image?!The cake cutting has the option of going sweet and loving or become the first battle of marriage….and as you can see… this became their first marital battle!I definitely enjoy a good cake fight during a wedding, but this was the most aggressive I have seen lately.

At the end of the day… the cake fight was just all fun and games!

Lori and Aaron, we wish you many years of happiness. I was excited to be a part of your wedding day! Lori, I was beyond overjoyed when you were brought to tears by my simple gift of a few images from your big day. These are the moments that make what Ryan and I do worth it! At the end of the day, I am thankful I made the right decision to bring my camera and capture your big day! Ryan and I hope you enjoy your delayed honeymoon later this year.

Welcome to the Married Kids Club,


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