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It’s 9:00 pm… the weekend is winding down after TONS of family time… Netflix is running, and there is currently a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios being consumed. Not the proper portion according to the back of the box, but a bowl so full that the cheerios are on the verge of falling onto the floor.

Just like most brides to be… when the shiny engagement ring hit my finger, I decided that I needed to lose weight. In my head, I was not “bridal dress” ready. When I got back in the country from our trip, I started the crash diet and extreme exercise plan. This crazy sudden lifestyle changes only lasted approximately two weeks. My sister, lovingly, gave me a GIANT bag Sour Patch Kids (and yes these are my faves) for my birthday and that was all it took to derail this “I must lose weight” plan of mine.

What did I learn? That I was out of control with my crazy “I’m not a good enough bride” mentality. I am not sure why, we as women, get this crazy notion in our head that we are not the perfect bride for the man who just confessed his love and desire to be with us for the rest of our lives. Let’s be honest, at this point we’re probably living with this great man. He has seen us when we’re super moody, hungry, sick, bad breath and wild morning hair. Not to mention… Naked. So, after ALL of these not so “attractive” moments, we need to remember that he is in love with you and ASKED for you to be his wife.

Before I get all the, I WANT TO DO THIS FOR ME hate mail… please don’t take it wrong, if you have your mind set to achieve a particular goal for your wedding… then I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way and then celebrate with you when you become victorious! Please just make sure this goal is to make you a healthier person (mental, physically or both) and not for the “I’m not Good enough” mentality.

I know I’ve talked TONS about body image and you’re thinking, where is this going. Well here is are my getting Wedding Dress Ready tips:

  1. You are beautiful and perfect the way you are! If you do not want to change, DON’T. Enjoy wedding planning and don’t add on extra stress to this already stressful time of your life if it’s not necessary.
  2. If you decide you want to improve something, be realistic. Set obtainable goals and start slow. If you try what I did, you will only set yourself up to fail.
  3. Pick one area to focus on and be specific. For example, if you’re self-aware of your arms and you want a sleeveless dress, concentrate on toning your arms oppose to just the “I want to lose weight” mentality.
  4. Bridal dresses are more forgiving than you think. Trust me on this one! They are available in a full gamut of fits and styles that there is something for everyone. Find a dress that compliments your body frame. Additionally, find one that will enhance your best features and hide the areas that you do not want to accentuate.
  5. A size is just a number, especially on wedding dresses. When I went to try on dresses, the first thing the sale coordinator told me was that the dress runs approximately two sizes smaller. Find a dress that you love and feel fantastic in regardless of the tag size.
  6. Have fun wedding planning, dress shopping, and being a bride! Do not add extra stress and only focus on things you which you could change. If you start the self-destructive thinking, stop and focus on one thing you love or are enjoying. For example, if you try on what you think is your perfect wedding day dress and it looks awful… don’t focus on what you need to change to make it look good. Instead, find something that looks good (like maybe the girls are looking great in the bridal bra!) Also, it helps to acknowledge how AWEFUL you look in this dress. Trust me, when you find THE dress… you will know it!

WOW! That was long winded… but my goal is to let every bride-to-be know that you WILL look amazing on your wedding day! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! This day is meant to be amazing, special, romantic and enjoyable! Do not ruin your perception by being self-destructive!  You are perfect the way you are regardless what you think society will think!

I sincerely hope this helps! I will admit the truth… by the time my ceremony came around, I had put on 10 pounds from life stress from where I had started at when I got engaged, and yet, I looked AMAZING on my wedding day! The dress, the hair, the jewelry, the makeup all helped to transform me into an ideal bride for my groom (even though he did not cry).

Your wedding will be amazing. You will be fantastic. You will be beautiful. You will rock your day… because it’s your day!

Happy Planning!


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