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The excitement of being engaged is running high and everyone is asking “So when is the big day?” As a young girl, I had so many ideas flowing through my head of what my big day will look like. It would be like every Disney Princess’ wedding, big fluffy dress, Prince Charming, and my happily ever after.

Now, I had found my Prince Charming and we were going to live happily ever after, it’s becomes time to plan the day and ALL of the details. Once you start the planning process, it can quickly become an overwhelming and a daunting task… especially if you go into it blindly. To have the day you truly envision, all the small pieces need to fit together like the perfect puzzle.

You’re probably thinking…well Nicole… that sounds fantastic… but I’ve never done this and guess who has no idea where to even start. Well, you have landed in a great spot to start. I have a few quick tips on how to start your planning processes by figuring out your wedding style or theme.Before you decide on a location, buy a candlestick or choose a flower, your wedding day will need some direction. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started!

  1. After you have cleaned up your Pinterest board (if you have no idea what I mean, check out our Tuesday Tips: Pinterest Board Clean-Up… look around and see what is standing out. Is there a color? A Style?
  2. Do a little googling. A simple search of Wedding Themes will provide more than enough articles about the different type of themes. Before you start saying “This is not a theme wedding” please understand when I say theme, I am referring to the feel of your wedding. Will it be Boho? Rustic? Maybe something different.
  3. When you think about your future spouse, what type of relationship do you have? Are you both OBSESSED with football? Do you love classy restaurants? What type of words would you use to describe your relationship or love for each other? Remember this is YOUR wedding day and it should reflect your relationship.
  4. Make it you own?! You may not fit into a certain mold of one style and that is OK. This is your wedding day, so if you span across multiple styles, that’s perfect as long as it make sense. This may be tricky, but if you have an amazing design eye or have the help of someone who does, this is one way to truly make the day yours. But if you’re like me and lack the designer eye, stick with one theme.
  5. Decide on your color pallet. Keeping all of your details and elements in one color pallet will help create a cohesive look, even if all the details don’t fall into a certain theme.
  6. Consider the season… if you picked a fall wedding date… summer flowers or colors might not look as good… considering the natural colors of the season and if the season’s color do not match your vision… you may have picked the wrong season to get married.


Trust me when I say, take some time to decide on your vision, theme or style! Once you have a direction to go in, you can simple say “does this match my vision?” with ALMOST every decision you make in regards to your wedding day. If the answer is Yes… perfect! But if the answer is No… reconsider the decision. This was extremely useful when I was choosing EVERYTHING about my wedding… including my venues, dress, jewelry, and even flowers. (I had to buy “fake, dead leaves” because bright green leaves would have looked out of place”


Good luck on your wedding planning journey! Hope these tips are helpful!


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