Honestly, we can believe we’ve been living in our home for 4 months…. Some days it feels like years while other times we’re reminded we just moved in as we have majority of our decorations in boxes still.  However, we’re enjoying our quite neighborhood (minus the first month craziness) here in Erlanger, KY! Plus, living at the end of a cul de sac is pretty peaceful way of life. 

This past month, we have been super busy making up all the sessions from the springtime that were cancelled due to COVID-19.    It’s been nice to escape these walls but on the other hand, we’ve come to enjoy isolating with one another.  Since business life has been busy, house life has been at a standstill. However, we’ve had a few major events happen this past month and here they are!

  • Nicole threw Ryan a birthday party for his family!   His sister and her boys visited our place for the first time.  Due to lack of living room seating, his mom was kind enough to bring a few fold-up chairs.  Side note… Ryan spend majority of his time sitting around and chatting with his family holding Pixie.  She’s a hot mess!
  • As we patiently wait for our couches, Nicole decided to condense the upstairs décor boxes.  As she did, she also decided to decorate our living room shelf.  It’s nothing special and will change once she actually decorates the living room. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy seeing our personal belongings on display!
  • Leave it to us to break a door lock.  Our backdoor lock just stopped working unless you used the physical key (even when it was unlocked).  So once again, we had a service guy at our house.  He had to replace the entire unit and according to the locksmith, he’s “never seen this brand go bad.”  Yep, that is our skill level!
  • Speaking of “breaking things,” we had a leak from our basement ceiling again and the shower diverter valve stopped working!   Hello, Mr. Plumber, again!   This resulted in a couple of visits to find out the DIY project of new bathroom tile was done incorrectly by the previous owners… insert face palm!  As the plumber was replacing the valve, we learned the drywall behind the shower was the incorrect type of drywall.  Do you know what this means?!  The drywall literally crumbled in the plumber’s hand and the tile was coming off.  Yep, we now have our first major must do home improvement project to complete (and quickly).
  • Due to main bathroom drywall/tile issues, we used our downstairs tiny shower for the first time. We jokingly said it would be easier to lather the walls and spin.  Yes… it’s that small!  But we’re thankful for a usable shower!
  • Now… our favorite part of this month has been welcoming our newest family member into our home, Mr. Chairman Remi Meows (aka Remi).  At an estimated 6 weeks old, this little guy weighted about one pound and was smaller than a water bottle the day we brought him home. He’s been such a fun addition to our house and quickly adjusted to life with the Hupps. 

The little guy took over Pecko’s bed and she refused to sleep in it anymore.

And our monthly recap wouldn’t be complete without a few fur kid photos!

While the month wasn’t super busy with home improvements, it was another month for the books.  Personally, we would love a month of no service calls… but we’re not there yet.  Oh the joys of being a home owner!

Enjoy your month!

Nicole & Ryan

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