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As you’re scrolling through Pinterest pinning all those pretty wedding photos to your wedding board, you may come across stunning photos of invitations, rings, and all the other bridal details.   Often, they are very stunning photos and you will want those type of photos on your wedding day (who wouldn’t). 

But… what you may not know, is often there are extra elements added to those photos you may not think about while planning your wedding day.  As a Cincinnati Bride, we want to ensure you get the beautiful photos of your dreams.  One sure way to do that is by adding extra non-typical elements to your bridal details.  Before making the decision to add these details, keep in mind these pros and cons.

In our personal opinion, adding extra elements to your bridal details is a no-brainer.  If you’re like us and think the same thing, you’re just in luck.  We’ve complied a list of tips to get the best results out of your photos… don’t worry, we’ll also give you a brief list of what are the best elements to add!

  1. Types of Extra Elements:  Now… you may be thinking, what are these extra elements you’re talking about.  Simply, they’re just items you can get to add to your bridal details for that extra touch.  They include but are not limited to the following.  Please keep in mind, you do not need ALL of them and this is not a complete list.  If you find something you love and it fits your day, don’t be afraid to include it. 
    • Ring Box or Ring Dish
    • Ribbon or Material
    • Florals
    • Wax Seals
    • Stamps
    • Tray, Platter, or Board
    • Anything special or unique to your wedding day
  2. Ask Your Vendors: If you’re working with vendors, such as a florist, wedding décor designer, or a stationary designer, you can always as for them include some extras for you.  As a photographer, we only need a couple of blooms and a little bit of greenery to make a huge impact.  Your invitation designer may already have extra wax seals and stamps.  By getting these extra elements from your vendors, it’ll help keep the day cohesive. Don’t forget to reach out to us (or your wedding photographer) to see if they have any elements that will fit your day.  We have a variety of ring boxes, so you may not need to purchase one if we have one that will match your day. 
  3. Style and Colors:  The last thing you’ll ever want is for the extra elements to distract or take away from the cohesiveness of your day.  As you are gathering the items to include with your bridal details, be sure they match the style and colors of your wedding day.  For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, a silver tray will not mix well.  Also, we know most jewelers give you a ring box for your bands, but often it’s in their brand color.  Purchasing a ring box matching your wedding colors or a white/ivory box will ensure your day has a high-end cohesive look. 
  4. Buy as You Go:  Weddings are expensive, and the cost can add up quickly (we know from personal experience).  To help from having one BIG expense, we recommend buying bits and pieces at a time.  Don’t forget to join mailing list to watch for sales or even scope out wedding resale post on social medial. 
  5. Storing the Items: Now, have you ever purchased something and either forgot about it or forgot where you placed it?  (We hope Nicole isn’t the only one guilty of this).  We recommend staring a box just for your wedding details and the extra elements.  Once recommendation we make right before the big day to our brides is to gather all of their details in one place, so when Nicole walks in on the wedding day everything is ready to go.  Now if you start this in the beginning of the planning/buying process, there is no extra work when life is crazy hectic on your wedding day.  A small box, cute bag you’ve acquired from a bridal show, or small reusable bin work perfect for these details.  Normally the biggest item will be either a tray or your shoes, just keep that in mind when picking your storage container out!

Here is a sample of photograph featuring the ring using with a variety of extra elements. There is a ring box from Everly Box, a piece of ribbon, a few vintage stamps from Amazon, wax seals from Line Ave Calligraphy, and just a few petals and small flowers Nicole had laying around the house.

It’s crazy how a few small items can really enhance the photos of your bridal details.  Our goal is to remain as authentic to your day as possible and that is why we will limit the number of “added” elements to your photos.  Yes, we can use what’s available to make beautiful photos but if you want to ensure you get those photos you see on Pinterest, you will want to include some extra elements for us to use!

Happy Planning,

Nicole & Ryan

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