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What better way to celebrate our nation than watching two airmen in the U.S. Air Force become husband and wife?  We can’t think of one either.  Love is one thing that makes our nation run and having an opportunity of capturing Maddy and Alex’s love story on the 4th of July in Dayton, Ohio was the perfect way to celebrate this holiday. 

Both Maddy and Alex are currently serving our country and come from strong lines of military families.  Their families settled in different parts of the country and the likelihood of crossing paths outside the Air Force would have been slim.  However, as shared during the best man’s toast, Alex was station at his last choice of a base, Wright-Patterson AFB.  Though this was not his ideal location, it happened to be one of the best things to happen to his life as he met Maddy who was also stationed at Wright-Patt.  When he spoke to his family and friends, the way Alex talked about her and her sweet daughter to his family and friends, they knew this was something special… And they were right.

As the day began at The Steam Plant, we watched as the bridal suite was full of excitement and constant commotion.  Being the center of attention, Maddy still made time to include her daughter and shower her with plenty of attention.  These are the kinds of moments that she will remember for years to come. 

Right before their First Look, Maddy and Alex choose to exchange letters to read privately.  As much as we love capturing our couples reading their letters, we understand the desire for privacy.  And yes, reading them just as your about to see each other for the first time, is the perfect time.  It always gets our couples in the mood!

Funny side note… when first talking to Alex on the wedding day, he told us Maddy loves cheesy photos.  While Nicole was explaining to Maddy how to gain Alex’s attention during the first look, she commented it sounded cheesy, but she would do whatever.  So… not sure if they have different ideas of cheesy or if Nicole’s idea was just a little too cheesy!  Either way, cheesy or not, their First Look was super sweet and full of wonderful emotions!  Personally, we think these two could have stayed wrapped up in each other’s looks and arms forever had the day not been so hot.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PHOTO! This is Nicole’s fave of the day!

Maddy and Alex had confided a big secret to their Priest they had kept to themselves and maybe one or two few friends for an entire year.  This secret was quickly sprung onto their family and friends during their nuptials.  The Priest explained these two were legally marriage a year ago, but this ceremony meant more to them.  Yes… they were officially married for personal reasons a year prior and no one knew.  Well… guess the cat is out of the bag!   Even though their biggest secret was shared, these two still were able to look at on another with adoring eyes during their ceremony.   Those are our favorite kinds of glances!!

Planning their wedding during the Corona Virus pandemic was a stressful one, especially for our beautiful bride, Maddy, who is a self-proclaimed Type A person.  Their day was not exactly as they had started planning it a year ago.  With travel restrictions and a global pandemic, their guest list was reduced. But to be honest, we would have never guessed as their reception was a huge celebration full of great food, good drinks, and great company!  The room was filled with laughter and a full dance floor, as the band Naked Karate Girls played the night away. 

During her toast, Maddy described the year she met Alex.  She was sitting at the kitchen table with her brother, making a list of her goals for the year.  Her list included personal and professional goals.  As her brother was looking at her list, he noticed a glaring hole and called her out on it… her relationship goals.  Being the type of woman who would not set an unattainable goal, Maddy did not want to add this to her list.  But fate would have it, she was able to attain what she thought was unattainable!  As she spoke about her feelings for Alex, you could feel the love and admiration she had for her husband.

Maddy did something very unexpected but extremely touching as she was giving her welcome toast.  She took the time to thank all the vendors for their hard work in helping them have the best wedding day possible during a difficult wedding planning season.  In all the weddings we have photographed and attended, never once have we heard the couple take the time to acknowledgement those “behind the scenes” of the day!  We will cherish and remember your beautiful words!

After dinner, the evening of dancing started with an anniversary dance. This one took an unexpected turn… there were 3 couples all married the same year. Out of the 3 couples, two shared the same anniversary date. To determine the longest married couple, it went down to the ceremony time! What are the chances?!

Maddy and Alex, you two were beyond adorable and we are glad to have been able to capture your wedding day!  We left your wedding day feeling appreciated beyond words.  Spending the 4th of July with you two, your family and friends was a day well spent.  Thank you for being such amazing people and we wish you nothing but years of love and happiness.

Welcome to the married kids club,

Nicole & Ryan


Ceremony | St. Joseph Catholic Church

Reception | The Steam Plant

Band | Naked Karate Girls

Cake Artist | Gabrielle Viens

Wedding Dress Store | Dress for a Day

Make Up Artist | REFeyeANCE Makeup & Hair

Hair Stylist | REFeyeANCE Makeup & Hair

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Groom and Groomsmen Attire | Jim’s Formal Wear

Florals | Oberer’s Flowers

  1. Bethanne Hertweck says:

    These are the most stunning pictures and capturing such beautiful candid shots of Arabelle make for wall portraits along side Maddy and Alex to grace their beautiful home!

  2. Kathy Ettlich says:

    How beautiful so sorry I was unable to attend but these pictures n story made me feel like I was right there with you all everyone looks just stunning n all were having fun making great new memories lov to all thanks tons for sharing your special day lov Aunt Kathy

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