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As wedding photographers love stories are our jam.  As we meet new couples, we love getting to know them and their story.   Every story is one of a kind and perfect for the couple!  We met Autumn and Ryan during the fall bridal show at The Event Connections. After a lot of waiting, the four of us met this past weekend at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark in Dayton for their engagement photos!

Autumn is a Maryland native who relocated to Dayton Ohio a few years back.  When she moved down here solo for work and was focused on her career.  However, she was not too busy for SnapChat (which was a good thing).  Ryan, found her on the app and followed her for a while.  After a bit, he reached out to Autumn and asked her out.  But, being a career woman, she was a little too busy at the time.

But… that didn’t deter Ryan to continue to pursue her and asked her out again.  This time she said yes.  As fate would have it, Ryan and Autumn’s first date was at the Cheesecake Factory… which happens to be a favorite of Autumn’s.  Fun fact…. Even though it’s one of her favorites, they’ve only been there together twice. 

Most couples are excited to get their first pet together and this was a little different for Autumn and Ryan.  These two became fur parents to a sweet wiener dog, who they named Baby Girl.   Now, you may be wonder, how is this different?  Many couples adopt a pet together but for them, this was both them, this was their first pet… not just together but in life.  How adorable!  Talk about an amazing first they get to share together!  Plus, according to Autumn, Baby Girl is super spoiled and has plenty of adorable outfits!

After visiting her family in Maryland, Ryan knew she was the one.  Autumn was everything he had ever wanted.  She was smart with a great head on her shoulders, and of course, beautiful.  According to Ryan, he could not risk losing her, so he decided to take things to the next level.

One afternoon, Ryan left for the day, leaving Autumn alone.  Unhappy with being left behind, Autumn was a little reluctant to go to RiverScape MetroPark when asked by a family member of Ryan’s.  But, she agreed, even if it was a little chilly out.  When Autumn arrived, Ryan was down by the river as the sun was setting behind him.  The sky was filled with beautiful colors and their song was playing.  Being a little frozen Autumn couldn’t move so Ryan joined her.  Knowing she was the one, he asked her to be his wife.

Before she met Ryan, Autumn had never imaged getting married, but things were different with him.  Now, these two are planning a summer destination wedding and are madly in love with each other.  Work may have brought Autumn to Dayton, but love has made this smaller Ohio city her home.

Autumn and Ryan, we are so glad we met you at The Event Connections Bridal Show and were able to capture your engagement photos!  Watching you two together and hearing about how much respect and love you have for one another; we know you’ll have an amazing life together.  We hope your destination wedding goes on without a hitch!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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