Krystal + Jeff


High School Sweethearts.  Parents.  Fiance.  These are just a few titles Krystal and Jeff have held throughout their long term relationship.  These Cincinnati natives will gain a new title this fall as they become husband and wife. 

It has been over 8 years since Krystal and Jeff have been in front of a camera as a couple.  They choose to have their summer engagement photos to be captured at Ault Park, a Cincinnati favorite.  The day may have been a little hot, but that did not stop our adorable couple for being loveable with one another.

Krystal and Jeff were introduced to us through Military Month being hosted at the WoodBottom Quail Farm in Bethel Ohio this coming October.  Krystal served our country in the United States Marines.  After serving her country for 4 years, she decided she wanted to be home with her family and of course, her then boyfriend.

Christmas time is one for celebrating with family and friends.  As Krystal and Jeff were over her cousin’s house, enjoying their time with everyone, when Jeff took the next step int heir relationship and asked Krystal to become his wife!  And…. Drum roll please…. She said yes!!!!  The best part of the entire proposal is all 3 of their children knew and did an amazing job keeping it a secret from their mom!   Krystal was completely surprised by Jeff’s proposal.

As we ventured around Ault Park, Krystal and Jeff excitingly talked about their upcoming fall wedding.  They are opting to for a non-traditional theme for their big day.  Being huge fans of the tv series Vikings, these two will have an authentic Vikings styled wedding.  Their guest will be seated at long tables, with the bridal party at the head of the u-shape tables.  Not to mention, they’re requesting everyone to be dressed in appropriate time period fashion… because according to Jeff, he’s excited to see the dance floor filled with Vikings dancing the night away to nostalgic 90’s music.

Krystal and Jeff, we had a wonderful time hearing your story and getting to know about your love for one another!  Seeing how adorable you two are together and how you fit perfectly together (even if there is a big height difference lol).  Enjoy the you last few months of being engaged and wedding planning because October will be here shortly.

Have a Fantastic Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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