Jill + Mark


The day seemed to be just like any other day! Jill and Mark headed over to Devou Park to hike one of their favorite trails. As they were walking, Mark would stop along the way to collect wildflowers for his sweetheart. This day, he gathers more than normal. As they reached a small creek, the decided to take a break and enjoy the beautiful day. Jill sat down and notice Mark as

acting very nervous; she began to worry. He handed her the flowers he had gathered during their hike, commenting that’s how she would look holding her wedding bouquet. As Jill held the small bouquet of flowers, Mark pulled out his mother’s engagement ring, dropped down to one knee and asked the love of his life to become his wife!We first met Mark and Jill at a family session for Mark’s mother, Julie. During the family session, Jill mentioned to Nicole that she saw them getting married… but she wanted to finish her last year of college. Jill and Mark were a fun couple to work with that day. Honestly, anyone willing to climb into a stone hippos mouth during a family portraits is definitely someone we want to work with… thanks Jill!

Jill set a date for their engagement session before we had our consultation about their wedding day. The couple decided to celebrate their 4-year anniversary by planning their engagement shoot only 3 days after. To commemorate this milestone, Mark and Jill, took us on a hike down the trail they took the day he proposed. Our original plans was to head to the exact spot of their proposal… but we very slower hikers unlike them! (Just kidding… not really) Instead, they loved the idea of stopping at the spot where 2 trails merged into one. Both felt it was symbolic of their relationship, two becoming one.

During their session, Mark serenaded Jill with his guitar. While watching him play for Jill, we couldn’t help but notice the love she has for him. Her sweet doe eyes were only for Mark and the world around them disappeared.

Switching up things a bit, Jill decided to play for Mark. He had to show her a few things along the way.

As we were hiking back out of the woods, Mark explained when he was a child, him and his brother would point out all the pussy willow plants to their mom. She hated it and of course, when 2 boys hear this, it only entices them to point them all out. We had to do a special photo just for his mom!The last part of our evening together was in the dark… at night… but at least we were not in the woods. Devou Park has a beautiful overlook into the Cincinnati skyline. When we arrived, the overview was closed. Ryan convinced the park rangers to give us 5 minutes and we made the best of it. It didn’t hurt that Mark and Jill looked stunning and rocked the time we had!

Mark and Jill, thanks for making our job super easy! We loved your session and are more than excited to see your wedding day. We hope that you both had as much fun as we did!

Have a Great Day,

Nicole & Ryan

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