Perfecting Your Engagement Outfit

Planning Tips

More often than not, we are asked before an engagement session “what should I wear?” Yes, this is a very important question! However, there are a few decisions when preparing for your session that are often overlooked! Women, of course, have more to worry about. Sadly, it takes them longer than 10 minutes to get ready! We wanted to share some of the MOST forgotten parts of your outfit. These small changes will create a more polished look and create the biggest impact on how your engagement session will turn out! (Clothing wise anyways!)

  1. Neck Line: Want a longer appearing neck? V-Neck and Scoop neck shirts will be your best friend! Choosing these types of neck lines will give you the appearance of a longer, slimmer neck. Crew neck and turtle neck shirts are not as flattering on a woman, as they shorten the neck. Since we’re talking neck lines… keep in mind the how far down that neckline goes. If you choose a lower cut shirt, we may be limited on the number of different perspectives… unless that is what you’re going for!
  2. Shoes: There are 2 types of women in this world… shoe lovers and shoe haters! Being comfortable in the shoes you pick is a key part and will lead you to being more confident in front of the camera. Yes, stilettos will help the legs look amazing, but if you can’t stand in them for more than 5 minutes, without being in pain, they’re not the best idea. Opt for a cute pair of flats, boots, or wedges instead. However, if you’re going to wear a pair of heels or wedges, grab some flats to quickly change into for walking around. You never know what kind of terrain we will lead you into. Please please please…  make sure they look nice! Take a few moments (if they’re not new) and clean them up a bit. You’ll thank yourself later!
  3. Accessories: Accessories = Personality! Typically, we suggest wearing an outfit that feels timeless, and not overly trendy. However, to make your outfit truly one of a kind, modern and showcase your personality, simply add flair by choosing amazing accessories. They can really transform your outfit from bland to amazing. Accessories are not limited to jeweler, they can be hair pieces, scarves, belts!
  4. Fit: Properly fitting clothing can make or break your entire outfit This statement is even more critical during a photo session… especially your engagement session! Ill-fitting clothes can highlight areas that you would rather NOT be highlighted! Scope out your clothing choice from all sides and angles. Ask the future hubs in to take a few photos so you can see how it looks from sides you can’t see. Trust us… each side of your outfit will be photographed!
  5. Nails: Do you really need an excuse to get a manicure?! Not really… however, if you want one, your engagement session is the perfect reason to make sure your nails are on top of their game! We typically capture at least one close shot of your hands showing off that ring bling and nothing takes away like un-manicured nails. This is a perfect way to spend the morning before your session… grab a friend and a head over to your favorite local salon!

It’s all about the details! These few small suggestions will turn a great outfit into an amazing one! Spending a little time pre-planning your outfit and making sure everything is perfect will only be the start to an amazing engagement session!

Happy Planning,

Nicole and Ryan

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