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Aww… the long weekend is over… so back to work. We hope that everyone took some time to enjoy the themselves this weekend but took a few moments to remember those who were lost protecting our way of life. We had a wonderful time celebrating Elijah’s (our nephew) 2nd birthday and meeting with Emily to finalize her wedding day that is less than a month away!

Speaking of weddings… We have a great fall one planned in October (on Nicole’s Birthday) with Shannon and Henderson! A few weeks ago we headed downtown to Fountain Square to meet up with them and capture their love for one another during their engagement session. Initially we meet this super fun couple at a bridal fair we participated with in February. Nicole had a great conversation with them and needless to say we are excited that they choose us as their Wedding Photographers! Personally, we think it’s fate that we’re their photographers… They’re getting married on Nicole’s Birthday and they got engaged the day before Ryan’s birthday… which happens to be Henderson’s birthday! How can you not love a romantic notion like Henny proposing on HIS birthday. Yes… Nicole is a sucker for these types of love stories!This was by far our longest engagement session to date… we’re not complaining because we were all having a blast and then the next thing we know it’s been 3 hours! Our feet were a little sore and our bellies were a bit empty… but that is just a small price to pay for a great time.

Fountain Square was a wonderful place to start out the casual part of our session. Shannon and Henderson were naturals. We love how much FUN they were having, even if there were gawkers  starring at them. There is nothing more you can ask for from a couple other than to have fun.

After warming up and capturing some amazing images at Fountain Square, we all headed down Bromwell’s Harth Lounge on West Fourth Street downtown. The bar had a few patrons who were enjoying some live music. The lounge had a very jazzy feel that reminded us of New Orleans. Not to mention the beautiful décor. Shannon and Henny picked the perfect location to pose for a few more sophisticated images!The lounge was kind enough to allow us a few minutes to capture a these amazing images but they did ask us to keep it to a minimum since the flash would not be ideal for the ambiance of the evening… which we TOTALLY understood… so for a few more final shots we headed to Marriott at RiverCenter to get a few more gorgeous photos of this great couple. We had such a hard time calling it quits as they were up for just about anything and are super cute!

Of course, we had to have a shot of the bling!

We can’t wait till October to celebrate this awesome couple’s wedding day with them! We can only image how much fun they will be when surrounded by their family and friends to celebrate the start of their life as husband and wife.

Have a fantastic day!

Nicole and Ryan

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