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Young and in love is the best way to describe these two beautiful ladies. Hailey and Mikaela, are two madly in love women who are starting their lives… and they choose to start their lives together! This past Saturday, they moved from being engaged to married at Rolling Meadows Ranch in Lebanon, Ohio.

Hailey and Mikaela chose to spend their day expressing their love to each other in their own way. That included tons of laughter and joshing with each other. There may or may not have been some cheek licking (Hailey’s signature move) and a few pouty faces (Mikaela’s specialty). One thing we are certain, their love for each other was strong and they were not afraid to show the world!

Daughters have a special relationship with their father and each are unique. This was evident when both Hailey and Mikaela shared a Daddy/Daughter First Look. Mikaela’s father was reserved and quiet, but you could tell his was in pure awe of his daughter’s bridal look. Whereas Hailey’s father had to check and share the UC football game score with Hailey before they could see each other. His reaction was more animated but then took his daughter into a side-hug expressing how beautiful but girly she looked.

First Looks are one of our absolute favorite parts of the day… it’s a time where the hustle and bustle of the day subsides and our couples get to see each other in a private setting with each other. Hailey and Mikaela were true to their selves… joking with each other right before the big reveal. Once they saw each other, they were both speechless for a split second and began to compliment each other. They of course shared some fun banter intertwined remarks of pure admiration.

During our final meeting, while discussing their family photos, Mikaela expressed her brother may not be at the wedding as he is in the Navy and is currently out at sea. However, his ship hit the ports of Virginia on Friday and he drove to the Cincinnati area just in time for his sister’s wedding.

Mikaela’s mother, Patty, stopped us when we arrived on the wedding day to tell us that her brother will be there but Mikael does not know. We arranged a time between the romantic portraits and bridal party portraits to do a Brother reveal (a first in our book). Mikaela was beyond surprised and overjoyed with emotions.

Hailey and Mikaela not only exchanged vows and rings, they choose to do a handfasting ceremony as well.

Any who doesn’t want to step away for some evening portraits!

They maintained the tradition of a bouquet toss… but each decided to throw one. Mikaela’s bouquet was tossed to a crowd of all the single ladies… where as Hailey opted to toss her bouquet to all the single men!

During their cake cutting Hailey and Mikaela invited their maids of honor up with them. As they fed each other cake, things took a turn and not in the favor of their maids of honor… as they choose to attempt to smash the cake in their faces oppose to each other! Honestly, another fun moment of the day!

Hailey and Mikaela, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. To be honest, we have not had so much fun hanging with a couple on their wedding day as much as we enjoyed your day. We enjoyed the atmosphere you brought to the day… filled with laughter and tons of love! Our hope if you married life is filled with more laughter and love than anything else.

Welcome to the married kids club,

Nicole & Ryan


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