Brooke + Derek


Camera shy are the words the couple used to describe themselves on our initial questionnaire.  Brooke and Derek made it known they were not huge “in front of the camera type of couple.”  And we continually asked ourselves WHY?!  They’re just abosolutely adorable.

Not only are they adorable, but very sentimental about their relationship.  While we chatted with Brooke and Derek in the beginning of their session, they explained why they chose Sawyer Point for the photos  Yes, it’s a cute park with many great spots along the Ohio River but that had NOTHING to do with the spot.  After hanging out at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in downtown Cincinnati for their first date, they spend the evening walking around Sawyer Point and chatting while sitting on the Serpentine Wall.

Talking with anyone, planning and anticipating a proposal is ridiculously stressful.  Throw in the idea of buying a house and moving on top of it, the stress level is through the roof (yes we made a dad house joke).  This is exactly the scenario Derek was facing.

These two had purchased their first home together and it was moving day!  The entire day Derek carried around the beautiful ring he chose for his wife to be, Brooke, in his pocket… waiting for the perfect moment.  Finally, they were alone as everyone helping them move left.  They ordered pizza and were settling in for the evening for the first night in their house!!!  After Brooke finished hooking up the TV, she turned around to see Derek on one knee with the ring… asking her to marry him.  Once again…. spoiler alert… she said yes!!!!  Derek describe Brook’s reaction perfectly.  “She didn’t see it coming and was super happy.”

A little background regarding the photo below… these white fluffy things were floating around…. with the sun lighting them from behind they were beautiful. WE HAD TO GET SOME IN THE PHOTOS. All the sudden Ryan starts coughing his head off and sounded like a he was hacking of a hairball. Apparently he had swallowed a white fluffy thing and it got stuck in his throat. We all couldn’t help but laugh our heads off! (He was OK… he was coughing after all).

For those who are not from Cincinnati, there should be about 10 additional stairs and a landing below the water line The city was hit with so much rain recently, the Ohio River is really high at the moment.

Towards the end of their session, Brooke and Derek wanted to include the Purple People Bridge.  As they ended their first date, they went to Newport on the Levee to grab dinner from Dewey’s Pizza.  What links Sawyer Point to Newport on the Levee… if you guess the Purple People Bridge then you are correct.  So… once again the sentimental side of this couple came out.  Insert heart eye emoji here!

Brooke and Derek, we love how sentimental and perfect you are for each other.  Getting selected to be your wedidng day photographers is a huge honor.  Knowing the craziness the world has going on due to COVID, we’re thankful we found the time to capture your engagement photos (even if it was less than 2 weeks before your wedding).  Not to mention, we can’t think of anyone better to grab dinner at a restaurant with after the quarantine.  Enjoy your last week of being engaged… because in just a few short days, all the stress of wedding planning will be over as you become husband and wife!

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

  1. Bethany Earles says:

    Oh my goodness! My darling little girl grew up into a beautiful, independent lady! I’m so proud of you both. You make a lovely couple in many ways!

  2. Carol Davidson says:

    They are an adorable couple. Derek is a wonderful Grandson and I’m anxious to meet Brook. Pictures are awesome and beautiful. Congratulations to Derek and Brook.

    • Nicole says:

      Carol, they are an adorable couple! Thanks for the sweet words on their photos and hope you get to meet Brooke soon!

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