Mikaela + Hailey


The sun was shinning.  The temperature hinted at summer heat.  White fluffy clouds floated across the sky… that is exactly how last Saturday afternoon looked. At least until we headed to Smale Park in Downtown Cincinnati to meet with Mikaela and Hailey for their engagement session.  As we drove across the Ohio River, gray clouds moved in with the hints of rain on the horizon.

As rain threatened the evening, we began to worry Mikaela and Hailey would need to reschedule their engagement session.  While it’s not the end of the world, it still sucks.  Couples spend a lot of time and energy getting ready.  Not to mention how nerve wrecking an engagement session can be. We definitely do not want to put them through it again, if we can avoid it at all possible cost.   But the weather was on our side.  The sky was darker, but in downtown Cincinnati, the rain held off allowing Mikaela and Hailey to check engagement session off the never ending wedding to-do list.

Swipe right… that is exactly how it all started with Mikaela and Hailey.   Yes, they met through Tinder.  Boy oh boy how the Tinder app has “matured” over the years.  After swiping right, these two ladies had their first date downtown at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery on Fountain Square.

Fast forward to Christmas season.  Mikaela and Hailey found themselves at Fountain Square once again. This time, they were with family to go ice skating (to which Mikaela was not overly happy to be doing).   Using the front of “Family Holiday Photos,” the couple headed to the giant Christmas Tree in front of the Westin Hotel.  Hailey asked Mikaela to marry her (and as we always say… spoiler alert… she said yes).  Fountain Square now has so many great memories for Mikaela and Hailey… first date AND proposal!!!!

The image below will always make us giggle! Hailey’s walk with her fiance is one of pride!

Mikaela’s reaction to being called out for not saying “I Love You” first… even if that was how she felt!

An engagement ring is as personal as the lady who wears it. While Mikaela and Hailey’s rings share similar features, they are just as unique and individually beautiful as the woman who sports the bling.

This spring flower wall was everything… even if Nicole’s wet petal toss idea didn’t work out so well!!!! We spend majority of our second half of the session here. Can you blame us?! Shhhhh…. don’t tell Ryan about Nicole’s petal fail. He’ll NEVER let her live it down.

Impromptu dance party… yes please. Also, we’re super thankful to be behind the camera…. we can’t dance.

Finally after several sessions at Smale Park, we made our way to the swings. Except, we didn’t spend a ton of time there. Lighting + Metal Awning + Metal Swings = Bad Idea. So…. as the storm started to move in, we wrapped up their session.

Mikaela and Hailey, thanks for letting us hang out with and capture your engagement photos.  We had an absolute blast and enjoyed how you two compliment each other’s personalities.  We love the fun and carefree nature you bring to those around you.  This only means our wedding day will be a day full of laughter. 

Have a wonderful day,

Nicole & Ryan

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