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Hello world and we are excited to get back doing what we love to do. Capture amazing portraits of those in love! Love is what keeps our world going around both personally and professionally. As we dusted off our cameras bags and headed to Verona Vineyards in Verona Kentucky, we met up with Liz and Joe for their engagement photos. These two were the perfect couple for us to get back into the swing of things as they are just as lighthearted and goofy together as we are.

During their first semester at NKU, Liz and Joe shared an English class together where they became friends. Just a few short months later, they moved their relationship from the friend-zone to dating. Now, after being a couple for over 7 years, they will tie the knot this fall (of course as long as things keep trending upwards for the wedding world). These two are planning on celebrating their nuptials with about 350 of their closest friends and family!!! Yes, you read that right…. 350 guests.

Their wedding day will be vastly different from their proposal. Image, overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice Italy from your hotel. This was exactly the view Liz and Joe, our adorable college sweethearts, had from the rooftop of their hotel last September. This is exactly where Joe asked Liz to become his wife (spoiler alert… she said yes). According to Liz, “It was romantic and also perfectly awkward just like us!! It was simple and beautiful and exactly what I wanted!”

With Liz and Joe typically working opposite shifts, these two do not get to spend as much time together as most couples. Not to mention, Joe is not a picture kind of guy; but, he gave up a free evening to get all dressed up for his future wife, just to please her. Hello great guy! How can you not have respect for a guy who is willing to step out of his comfort zone for his love.

As the sky started clearing up, a rainbow made an appearance for a few moments in the middle of their session! We had to make sure we stopped and captured it!

Say Hello to BK (Black Kitty)…. this fuzz ball lives on the property and was our host for the night. This kitty ensure he knew were we were at all times and stayed close.

This is how the session ended!!!! Nothing more a photographer could ever ask for!

Liz and Joe, we had an amazing time hanging out for your engagement photos! The weather started out a little sketchy and Nicole needed to disinfect her bag after one of the barn cats decided to mark her territory, but our evening together was filled with plenty of laughs, breaks for cat pets, and a few non-kid approved jokes! We cannot wait to meet your tribe and hang out with everyone on your wedding day this fall!

Have a wonderful day,
Nicole & Ryan

P.S… BK was not the one who peed on Nicole’s bag. That was another barn cat on the property.

  1. Anna Rice says:

    Joey and Liz,
    Love the pictures and the story! Brought happy tears to my eyes! Beautiful scenery (and OF COURSE subjects)!! We are so happy for both of you and can’t wait to welcome Liz officially to our family on September 5! Love you both!
    Aunt Anna and Uncle Jim

    • Nicole says:

      Anna, thanks for the encouraging words. We love hearing how loving family is for this amazing couple! Can’t wait to meet you this fall at their wedding! Nicole & Ryan

  2. Claire says:

    Wonderful photos. You can really see how fun and in love this couple is. Congrats on your engagement!

    • Nicole says:

      Claire, they were a super fun couple! They are planning a big wedding and have a feeling it will be a great time!

  3. Blak says:

    These are such beautiful images!! & I absolutely love her ring!!!

  4. Justine says:

    Beautiful couple and photos. Just love her ring!

    • Nicole says:

      Justine! We agree… her ring was so beautiful and unique! Thanks for the compliment of our photos.

  5. Mandy Provan says:

    What a lovely couple. The Verona Vineyards looked like the perfect location to capture this special occasion for them! I love those lead lines with the fence. Beautiful session.

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