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A couple's first look and all of the emotions that go with it!

Weddings are full of memorable and meaningful moments, but one of the most special may be the couple’s first look. The first time the groom sees his bride in her dress can be beautiful, sweet, and even magical! 

The first look is, above all else, an emotional and intimate moment for a couple. Because of that, we often get asked: “should our first look be private?” Our opinion is yes, a first look should be private, just the bride, her groom, and the photographers! 

With that in mind, we understand that not every couple is the same and may have different goals or values for their wedding day. Ultimately, you and your future spouse have to decide for yourselves. Still, we’ll give you a few reasons for our opinion!

First Look Privacy to Let True Emotion Run Free

Guys, we get it; showing raw emotions can be a tricky thing! We find that for grooms especially, privacy allows everyone to vent their true feelings without worrying about an audience! So grooms, let those tears flow when you see your bride in her wedding dress! True emotion and genuine happiness make for great pictures that you two can treasure forever! 

Another thing that a private first look gives to couples is time. Time apart from the craziness of the proceedings to hold hands, share a hug or a kiss, and just be together! Enjoying one another’s company, basking in each other’s love, and maybe sharing a joke to ease some of the tension before the ceremony! Some of the candid photos we get after the first look of a couple just hanging out and talking are some of the sweetest!

Focus on the Moment, Free of Distractions

Imagine this: walking up behind your groom to tap him on the shoulder. Soon, he’ll get the full reveal, and you’re excited! Then someone coughs or sneezes, not their fault, but still a distraction from the moment! 

A private first look reduces the worry about unforeseen or unwanted interruptions. In that case, you don’t need to fret about anything cutting into the glowing, joyful event! It’s just you, your future hubby, and the photographers (who are trained to stay out of the way).

Now, as we said at the beginning, this is advice, and it’s based on our opinion. Some couples want their bridal party or parents to share the first look with them! If you want that, please take our advice on one thing: maintain your bubble! 

Regardless of who you want to share it with, the first look is for the couple alone, so let everyone know where your bubble is and not to cross into it! That done; feel free to have your favorite people watch the magical unfolding of love as the bride shows her groom that she’s all dressed up and ready for her vows! 

We hope our advice helps you make your decision on whether or not to keep your first look private! If you need a couple of photographers skilled in capturing wedding day moments, please contact us

Happy Planning!
Nicole & Ryan

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